Top 5 Most Secure Truck Tool Boxes • (2024 Reviews & Guide)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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When choosing the most secure truck tool box, there are two key factors, and they are anti-theft features and concealment. In this guide, I share five excellent options that offer both concealment and theft resistance. Before we begin, let’s first consider the most common types of vehicle break-ins. When thieves target your truck, they’re typically looking for a quick score. For this reason, smash-and-grab robberies are one of the most common types of vehicle break-ins.

In order to stop smash-and-grab robberies and other common types of robbery, here are features a secure truck tool box needs:

  1. A tough exterior shell that’s difficult to cut or break with force, e.g. steel
  2. Pry-resistant door
  3. Pick-resistant lock
  4. Reliable mounting hardware
  5. A sturdy hasp(s) if you choose to install your own padlock(s)

Now that you’ve considered those features, let’s check out an overview of the five toolboxes before moving to the individual reviews of each model.

Below, you’ll find a mixture of saddle boxes, low-profile truck toolboxes, under-seat lockboxes, and basic truck storage boxes. Also, several of the options below are made for specific makes and models, so be sure to match your truck to the correct box.

The 5 Most Secure Truck Tool Boxes

Product Description
#1) Weather Guard 127-5-02 Aluminum Saddle Box

  • Material: Aluminum Diamond Plate w/ ARMOR TUF Powder Coat Finish
  • Lock: Weather Guard EXTREME PROTECTION Lock
  • Dimensions: 71.5″ x 20.25″ x 18.5″ (LxWxH)
  • Capacity: 11.3 cu ft
  • Weight: 86 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Model: 127-5-02
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price: $$$$
#2) Dee Zee Padlock Crossover Tool Box

  • Material: Non-Rusting .072 Brite-Tread Aluminum w/ Powder Coat Finish
  • Lock: Dee Zee BOLT Padlock (Sold Separately)
  • Dimensions: 69.75″ x 20″ x 19.25″ (LxWxH)
  • Capacity: 12 cu ft
  • Weight: 85 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Model: DZ6170LOCKDTB
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price: $$$
#3) UWS Low-Profile Aluminum Truck Tool Box

  • Material: 0.058″ One-Piece Aluminum Tub w/ RigidCore Foam-Filled Lid
  • Lock: Keyed w/ Stainless Steel Lock Handles
  • Dimensions: 69.875″ x 20″ x 14.75″ (LxWxH)
  • Capacity: 8.4 cu ft
  • Weight: 48 lbs (Product Weight), 68.4 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Model: EC10473
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime (1-Year Finish, 1-Year Parts)
  • Price: $$$
#4) Tuffy Under Rear Seat Lockbox

  • Material: Welded 16 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Lock: 10 Tumbler Double Bitted Lock w/ Built-in Weather Seals
  • Dimensions: 38.5″ x 14″ x 7.375″ (WxDxH)
  • Capacity: 1.59 cu ft
  • Weight: 36 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Model: 287-01
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price: $$
#5) UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

  • Material: Lightweight, High-Impact ABS Plastic
  • Lock: Keyed Single Point Twist Lock w/ Optional Padlock
  • Dimensions: 8.5″ x 34″ x 16″ (WxDxH)
  • Weight Capacity: 75 lbs
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Model: SC100D, SC300D, SC100P, SC203D
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Price: $

High-Security Truck Tool Box Reviews

Alright, now that you’ve checked out your top options, let’s take a closer look at each of these boxes to give you a better idea of why they’re the most secure. Plus, you’ll find the pros & cons of each safe to give you a clear idea of which safe(s) best suits your needs.

#1) Weather Guard Aluminum Saddle Box (127-5-02)

Of the five models in this guide, Weather Guard’s 127-5-02 saddle box is the most premium and secure out of the box. Model 127-5-02 is made to fit all full-size pickups with 8 ft beds. Several popular truck models that are compatible with this box are Chevy Silverados, Ford F-150 up to F-350, GMC Sierra, Ram 1500, and Toyota Tundra.

The box itself is the most heavy-duty of the five models at 86 lbs shipped and gives you plenty of internal storage space at 11.3 total cu ft. One of the special features that make this model one of the best anti-theft truck toolboxes is the tamper-resistant, retracting EXTREME PROTECTION® lock. This key lock features a replaceable cylinder and accessing it is easy since it’s positioned on the side of the box.

Next, you get ample resistance against prying with two steel latches, the integrated lock, and all the necessary mounting hardware including mounting brackets. Also, a saddle box inherently gives you better protection against theft than a utility chest that doesn’t span the full width of the bed.

Finally, this model has a useful set of convenience features including an adjustable metal tray, a level holder, a removable parts bin, and a rotary latch for easy one-touch opening.


  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • No need to purchase additional parts or padlock(s)
  • Fits mostly all pickup trucks
  • Replaceable lock cylinder with the option to key multiple locks alike upon request
  • The steel latches are more diesel than what’s found on most other truck toolboxes for better resistance against prying
  • Ample internal storage space with enough depth to fit a 5-gallon bucket
  • Excellent weather resistance to ensure your tools stay dry (includes full weather seal)


  • The included mounting brackets could be better
  • Can be difficult to shut with one hand
  • Aluminum isn’t as tough as steel

#2) Dee Zee Padlock Crossover Tool Box (DZ6170LOCKDTB)

My personal favorite option in this guide is Dee Zee’s Crossover Tool Box. The feature I like the most is the option to choose your own lock or go with Dee Zee’s BOLT lock that allows you to pair your ignition key with the BOLT padlock. However, you may want to opt for one of the most secure padlocks for ultimate security. Once you choose your lock, the box features a nested design that houses the shackle which makes cutting the shackle virtually impossible.

Additional anti-theft features I like are the beefier aluminum housing compared to Dee Zee’s Red Label series, ample protection against prying provided by the latches, heavy-duty striker bolts, and a full-length hidden hinge. Overall, for the money, you may find that this model delivers a higher level of security to match your needs than the Weather Guard box above.

Lastly, Dee Zee truck tool boxes are made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty to match Weather Guard. You’ll also enjoy the dampened gas shocks that hold the lid open a full 90º, customizable metal tool tray, and automotive-grade rubber bulb seal to protect your tools against the elements.


  • Fits all the most popular truck models by Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and GMC
  • The option to key the BOLT padlock alike to your ignition key or choose your own padlock
  • Gas struts keep the lid propped open 90º
  • Made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Built with thicker aluminum than competing boxes
  • Great value for the money
  • Deep and wide models are available


  • Does not include the BOLT padlock
  • The latches could be beefier

#3) UWS Low-Profile Aluminum Truck Tool Box (EC10473)

Another one of the best truck tool box brands for all-around security and functionality is UWS. Of the five models in this guide, the EC10473 is my top pick for truck owners who prefer a low-profile box. Unlike the first two models, UWS toolboxes feature stainless steel locking paddle handles. This means, there’s no need to purchase your own padlock or worry about replacing the lock cylinder, which does come with its pros and cons.

Yes, the paddle handles are secure, yet they don’t provide the same level of anti-theft protection as a diesel padlock or the retracting lock on the Weather Guard safe. One feature I do like is the interior connecting rod that allows you to lock each side of the box individually for easy access when you need it.

Compared to the Dee Zee box above, UWS features .058″ aluminum while the Dee Zee box sports thicker .072″ aluminum. At the time of this writing, both models cost about the same, and in my opinion, the Dee Zee box gives you more bang for your buck in the anti-theft department. One final feature I want to highlight is the UWS foam-filled RigidCore lid that prevents binding and boosts overall lid strength.


  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel locking handles
  • Internal tool trays, sliding tray, small-item storage, and screwdriver holders
  • Assembled in the USA
  • UWS weatherproof MicroSeal gasket
  • Widespread handles for quick side access
  • Choose to lock each side individually or in unison
  • Excellent customer service marks
  • Easy installation and sleek appearance


  • No integrated housing for a padlock
  • The included J-hooks for mounting could be stronger

#4) Tuffy Under Rear Seat Lockbox (287-01)

Now for the most secure under-seat Truck toolbox by Tuffy. Let me start off by saying that Tuffy vehicle storage solutions live up to the name, and unlike the other boxes in this guide, this model is made of 16-gauge steel rather than aluminum. Depending on how much storage space you need, you may find that this is the best choice for securing your most valuable hand tools and smaller power tools. Also, it’s not a bad idea to consider installing an under-seat lockbox along with a saddle box for maximum security and storage space.

Several of the advantages of an under-seat box are that it’s concealed beneath your seat making it not immediately apparent from the outside, it’s specifically built for anti-theft protection, and the fact that a thief must first break into your truck to even have a chance to access it.

With the 287-01 box, you get a 10 tumbler double-bitted lock, Tuffy’s Pry-Guard locking system made with 1/8″ steel components, a pin-lock hinge system, and all the necessary mounting hardware for a secure installation. Also, it’s nice to know that Tuffy manufactures its lockboxes in the US in accordance with strict quality standards.


  • Built with steel rather than aluminum
  • The most secure locking system of the boxes in this guide
  • Tuffy’s smart mounting system allows you to quickly and easily remove the box when it’s unlocked
  • Made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Weather-resistant lid design
  • Easy to install
  • Plenty of storage space for a wide variety of items


  • The corner of the box may stick out a bit depending on your truck model and year
  • No internal storage trays
  • Model 287-01 is built for Ford pickups only (be sure to match your model to the correct box in Tuffy’s catalog)

#5) UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

Last is the most affordable truck toolbox in this guide that offers some unique features you may prefer. However, before we go over those features, it’s important to know that the SwingCase is the least secure of the five models in this guide since it’s made of plastic. The good news is that it’s more concealed than a saddle box and a lot less likely to draw attention.

The feature I really like is that the box swings out for easy access without having to climb into your truck bed. Simply pull the lever to activate the swinging mechanism. Plus, there’s the option to remove the box completely when you want to have quick access to all of your tools onsite. As for the lock, the box features an integrated single-point twist lock that allows for access with or without a key.

The final feature I want to highlight – and one of the main reasons I chose this box – is the option to use a padlock. By using your own padlock, the box cannot be swung out and easily lifted out of your truck, though, it’s important to know that a determined thief can cut through the box or pry the box open with enough force.


  • The cheapest option of the five
  • Convenient swing-out access and the option to completely remove the box
  • An integrated key lock
  • Made in the USA
  • The option to add a padlock for additional security
  • UnderCover manufactures models to fit all types of pickups
  • Tough and weather-resistant
  • Driver and passenger side models available


  • The least secure of the five boxes
  • Built with ABS plastic rather than steel or aluminum
  • 1-year warranty compared to the limited lifetime warranty offered by the other four models

Bottom Line

Before selecting the most secure truck toolbox for your pickup, it’s wise to calculate the dollar value of the items you plan to store. The reason behind this is that it gives you a good idea of how much money is worth spending on a toolbox. If you plan to store items in excess of a thousand bucks or more, you’re probably going to want to stick with Weather Guard, Dee Zee, or Tuffy for ultimate security.

For storing smaller ticket items, you can probably get away with using a SwingCase or budget version of Weather Guard or UWS boxes that are readily available online.

One final tip I want to leave you with is that it’s always possible to beef up your security by installing your own hasps and padlocks. When installed properly, you get a sturdy additional layer of security because, during a theft, buying time is key. The longer it takes a thief to access your valuables, the better chance you or someone else has of catching the thief in the act.

One truck owner and his dog put together a helpful illustrative guide that shows you how he went about installing his own padlocks on a truck toolbox. I think you’ll also find it helpful if you choose to take that route yourself.

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