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Greetings fellow astronauts (we are all technically astronauts after all), I’m the host, creator, and writer for Anti-Theft Boss, Chuck. I started this website as a review site for anti-theft gear, and it’s grown into much more.

Over the past five years or so – I can’t remember – I’ve been traveling the world and been on my fair share of adventures.

Along the way, I realized that it’s not very difficult to stumble into a mysterious neck of the woods so to speak.

In these places, it’s important to keep your possessions tucked away.

During my travels in South America and Europe, I’ve unfortunately seen people get had by pickpockets who make it their life’s work to live off other people’s possessions.

For example, there are intricate, fine-tuned businesses that thrive off cell phone robberies.

These people have the system down pat, and Find My iPhone isn’t going to get you out of this type of jam.

Anti-Theft Boss is more than just backpacks

The site began as an anti-theft backpack review site, and I soon realized that I have a lot more valuable information to share.

There are all types of tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years that have helped me avoid getting robbed in a foreign land.

Overall, I think I’ve done quite well for myself over the years.

I am currently living in Vietnam, where robbery is a lot less common, although I did once help a guy out who was the victim of a grab-and-go robbery.

The locals swooped in on a motorcycle, grabbed his backpack that had all his possessions in it, then took off.

There are certain rules that everyone should follow while traveling, and a lot of them aren’t clear until you’ve been there.

That’s why I’m here to help with this site.

I only recommend products I stand behind and offer safety tips that I know work.

I’m not the kind of person who reads tips, then simply passes them along.

Oh no, I’ve been there my friends.

Where I am from?

I’m originally from the United States, Northern California to be exact, and my travels all began in the Dominican Republic for a surfing trip.

There’s nothing quite like a California sunset:

california sunset

That’s where I instantly fell in love with traveling and got my cherry broken on the safety front.

The Dominican can either be really safe or really dangerous.

I was feeling adventurous at the time and did a good bit of solo traveling around the island.

Good times in the Dominican below:

cabarete surf lessons

One of the more haunting experiences I’ve had during my travels was in Santo Domingo when a wild dog attacked a man.

On the other hand, the Dominican Republic is very safe for people who opt to stay at the resorts, but where is the fun in that?

I’m not saying you should dive headfirst into a rough area of a country you’ve never visited, but at the same time, some adventure does a body good.

Always be on your guard

Whether you are traveling in a foreign land or commuting in a busy city, it’s important to always be on the lookout.

Not to the point of paranoia, but you get the point.

What I love about anti-theft gear is the peace of mind it gives me.

It’s truly impossible to put a price tag on peace of mind.

If I had to choose one or the other between a pile of money and peace of mind, I’d choose peace of mind every time.

Quality anti-theft gear grants you the ability to walk around without worry of losing your valuable possessions.

It also gives you quick access to your documents while you travel and keeps them secure while they’re stowed away.

I know not everyone is a fan of the fanny pack, but I love having my hidden waist belt while traveling.

It’s the perfect home for my passport, especially when I’m in a busy airport.

Possessions tend to get shuffled around while in a rush, and anti-theft bags keep everything in designated pockets.

Have I ever been robbed?

Yes, I have been, twice.

Both robberies occurred in South America, and both times the robbery involved my brand-new iPhone.

The lesson I learned is that it’s critical to be extra careful when alcohol is involved.

Most robberies abroad occur at bars or other hotspots where alcohol is served.

These days, I bring nothing outside but my money when I go out drinking, and that rule has treated me well ever since.

Had I used anti-theft gear, I could have avoided those robberies altogether.

Ani-Theft Tips

Aside from reviewing products, I also offer tips.

A good example of an anti-theft tip involves a story about a well-known vlogger who was robbed in Colombia.

I was actually there at the same time he was, but we never did cross paths.

He brought his wallet and passport outside while walking around Bogotá.

He had put a lock on the pocket that contained his passport and wallet.

The pickpockets outsmarted him by creating a diversion, then poking their way into his bag.

What was the mistake?

The lock!

When skilled thieves see a lock, they know for sure that something valuable is inside.

For this reason, I love anti-theft backpacks without locks that have hidden zippers.

A good anti-theft backpack also won’t draw any extra attention.

You’ll see from reading my reviews that I weave my tips into my reviews, which is the reason I take pride in my site.

A review site shouldn’t simply be a review that lists all the features.

It’s important to read reviews written by people with experience.

Thanks for stopping by!

It makes my day when I know that I helped someone make an informed buying decision.

It makes it even better when I know that someone can travel safer after visiting my site!

That’s why I made it.

Feel free to drop me a line any time with any questions or random thoughts in the middle of the night at my email

Cheers and safe travels!

– Chuck

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