Top 10 Best High-Security Luggage Locks • (2024 Reviews)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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When traveling overseas, you want a luggage lock that will keep your bag secure for more than just from point A to point B. What about when you leave your valuables in your hotel room or hostel? What if you need to store your luggage while you take a side trip?

There are several instances where a high-security luggage lock for international travel is a must-have in your anti-theft gear collection.

In today’s article, I’ll share with you a wide range of choices that will accommodate all travelers from businesspeople to backpackers. Let’s get started!

#1) SZHSR Portable Fingerprint Padlock

This nifty gadget isn’t TSA-approved, but it’s a great lock to have for outside of your checked baggage in the airport. I often lock my backpack zippers using a combination lock.

With this lock, all you need is your fingerprint to open it in less than one second. This lock is great to have while aboard an aircraft, waiting in the check-in line, or going through the security checkpoint when you need to unlock your bag quickly to access documents or other personal items.

I also like that it uses a cable, which allows you to hook it onto fixed objects along with your bag or any personal item you’d like to secure. Plus, it’s waterproof; how cool is that?

#2) Forge TSA Lock w/ Open Alert Indicator

One of the most basic and essential travel locks is a TSA-approved combination padlock. The Forge brand currently has excellent feedback.

It’s important to buy a reliable lock that won’t fail on you. I once ran into a dilemma in the Mexico City airport when my combination travel lock suddenly decided to stop working. These locks by Forge won’t give you that problem.

They also come with an open alert indicator (the little red button on the top of the lock) to let you know if TSA decided to search your bag. I like that the lock shows the dials on both sides to make putting in your combination easier.

#3) Talonport Keyless TSA-Approved Luggage Lock

Here’s another type of lock that ditches the metal keys and combination. This indestructible lock is virtually impossible to pick and comes with 4 different keys that instantly unlock it.

You can hook the smaller key card right on your key ring or choose to use the larger-sized card. If you do manage to lose all four keys, the company will replace them free of charge. They also provide a lifetime never-cut guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t pleased with your purchase.

Overall, I think this is a great TSA-approved lock for international travel that will come in handy for many uses while overseas.

#4) Lewis N. Clark Triple Security Lock

I really like this lock. This lock is undoubtedly one of the best luggage locks for international travel because of its versatility. You can choose to lock both your zippers to your luggage handle, attach your luggage to a fixed object, or remove one cable to turn it into an ordinary lock. That’s cool.

I’ve been traveling nonstop for years, and I can think of a ton of ways to use this lock to keep my valuables or luggage safe while in transit or inside a hotel room.

#5) Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage w/ TSA Lock

You may be wondering why I included a suitcase on my list of best luggage locks. Well, as I mentioned before, this suitcase is great to use as a giant safe because of the TSA-approved combination lock on the side of the bag.

Thieves would have a tough time trying to cut through the shell. You can even go a step further by purchasing the Lewis N. Clark lock above to connect the suitcase to a fixed object or click here #ad to check out a retractable luggage lock at Amazon that will get the job done as well.

I’ve been using a similar Samsonite suitcase for years, and I can confirm that the wheels on these bags are amazing. They make going through the airport or any place of transit so much easier.

Then you can use the suitcase as a travel safe once you land in your destination. Cool, right?

#6) Pacsafe Retractasafe 100 TSA Lock

What I like about this lock is that it’s retractable and lightweight. It won’t stop thieves with heavy bolt cutters, but it will certainly get the job done in a hotel room or hostel to thwart petty thieves.

You can also go a step further by using any of the locks above to lock your zippers, then use this lock to fix your backpack or suitcase to a fixed object.

When it comes to peace of mind while traveling, it’s almost impossible to go overboard with anti-theft options. The key is to choose tough, lightweight options to keep the weight of your bags down.

#7) Pacsafe Backpack and Bag Protector

This inventive lock by Pacsafe is perfect for backpackers who are staying in crowded hostels or budget hotels. A lot of times, it can be difficult to keep a large backpack safe and secure while staying in a hostel; I’ve been there.

The beauty of this gadget is that it goes completely around your bag, then you can hook it to a bed frame or other fixed object with the included padlock. With this lock, you can walk around the city without worry while your bag is stored in a shared dormitory.

Fellow backpackers may even get jelly when they see how smart you are.

#8) Forge TSA-Approved Cable Luggage Locks

Here’s another lock by Forge that I highly recommend. What makes this lock different is that it uses a cable instead of the padlock-style lock above.

This type of lock is great for hooking through more than two zippers at once or locking to fixed objects that require minimal cable length. I also like the feature that requires the TSA agent to re-lock your luggage before removing the TSA key.

#9) Luggage Strap ELASTRAAP w/ TSA Combination Lock

This list wouldn’t be complete without the best luggage strap. With this strap, you can lock almost any type of suitcase. Plus, the combination lock is TSA-friendly, which is another huge plus.

One innovative traveler used this strap to lock his guitar case. You can also use it to keep your suitcase or other luggage secure while you’re away from your hotel room.

#10) Bristol Designs Heavy Duty Combination Lock Cable

Last but not least is one of my favorite options for securing your luggage to a fixed object. This lightweight lock is heavy-duty, and the longer cable allows you to lock more than one bag at once to a fixed object. You can also choose to lock all of your family’s bags together using this lock.

What I like about this lock more than the retractable lock above is that it’s much, much harder to cut or break. The coiled cable also easts up less space in your suitcase.

I’m always thinking outside the box when it comes to travel security.

Final Thoughts

Did I come through on my promise to provide the best luggage locks for every type of traveler? I sure hope I did.

I did leave keyed locks and the Bluetooth locks that require a phone app to unlock off the list because I think the options above are better.

I personally don’t like having to worry about losing a tiny key. That’s why I always opt for combination locks. Also, I think the fingerprint lock is better than the Bluetooth travel locks you may have seen online.

As always, safe travels, and best of luck on your next trip overseas!

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