Top 5 Best Helmet Locks for Motorcycles • (2024 Reviews)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to our roughneck guide to the best helmet locks for motorcycles. In this guide, we share our Top 5 picks along with other necessary information to help you choose the best lock for your motorcycle helmet.

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Choosing the best lock requires the perfect blend of convenience and security. There’s no reason to go overboard with security, yet you don’t want anyone to run off with that brand-new helmet of yours either.

We carefully chose locks that fit the bill by keeping an out for portability, ease of use, and enough toughness to get the job done and deter amateur thieves.

You may even be surprised by our top pick because it’s not technically a motorcycle helmet lock, yet we like it more because it has another use we prefer to have onboard at all times.

Lock Highlights
#1 FSDC 15″ Keyed Cable Gun Lock

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#1 Best Motorcycle Helmet/Gun Lock

  • Since we love our guns too, we couldn’t resist putting the perfect gun lock that couples as a motorcycle helmet lock at the top of our list
  • Wear-Resistant cable cover prevents scratching your paint and helmet
  • It’s dirt cheap, gets the job done, and also comes in 3-packs if you need a couple of extras
  • California DOJ-Approved, anyone who comes near your bike knows to stay the h*ll away once they realize you’re using a gun lock
  • Good for hooking through a full-face helmet, backseat railing, and/or luggage rack
  • Small enough to slip into your bike jacket pocket
  • Includes two keys, and the 3-pack is keyed alike if you go that route
#2 RioRand 15″ Combination Trigger Lock

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  • If you’re more of a combo lock kind of person and don’t like keeping track of keys (like me), this RioRand lock is the one for you
  • Semi-rigid coated cable prevents any unwanted scratching and makes locking your helmet to your bike mighty easy
  • Set your own combination w/ the included screwdriver
  • 4-Pin tumbler prevents quick pick jobs by thieves
  • Easy enough to store in a jacket pocket or saddlebag
  • Available in single, 3, and 5-packs
#3 Bristol Designs Combination Lock Cable
  • Bristol Designs carabiner combo lock w/ cable stretches up to 3ft while locked (6ft when not locked)
  • Good for securing your jacket, helmet, or as a brake disc lock in a pinch
  • Waterproof stainless steel design keeps this puppy rust-free
  • The rubber sleeve won’t scratch your bike or helmet
  • Set your own 3-digit combination
  • Lightweight with the convenience of a self-coiling cable
#4 HelmetLok w/ T-Bar Extension

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  • Up the level of security over the Bristol lock with a 4-digit combination
  • Includes T-Bar extension to hook through a quick-release helmet buckle
  • Secures 1-2 half helmets
  • Anti-Scratch rubber sleeve
  • Simple to use and set your own combination
  • Large easy-to-spin dials and easy-to-see white on black numbers
  • Less cumbersome than a lock and cable
  • A large enough opening to make it worthy for many uses
#5 Bikers Choice Helmet Lock

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  • Ideal for people who prefer a fixed lock
  • Matching chrome-plated finish to camouflage it on your bike
  • Fits 7/8″ to 1/14″ tubing
  • Includes tamper-proof one-way screws
  • Two keys included
  • A lot cheaper than buying directly from the Harley dealer
  • Lock measures 2.5″ long x 1.25″ tall


Still undecided? In this section, we answer several frequently asked questions about how to lock your helmet to your motorcycle and how to choose the best motorcycle helmet lock.

How to Use the Bikers Choice Helmet Lock

The Bikers Choice helmet lock is basically a generic version of the Harley Davidson helmet lock that’ll cost you less than your Harley dealer charges. To use the lock, you open the latch with the key, then hook your helmet rings to the latch before closing it.

The video below is an accurate demonstration of how to use the Bikers Choice Helmet Lock:

Some bike owners prefer to use their own screws since the screws that come with the Bikers Choice lock are one-way.

In case you need longer screws or would rather be able to move the lock around your bike, your local hardware store has what you need.

How do you install a helmet lock?

Depending on which type of lock you choose, there may be no installation necessary.

Only the Bikers Choice lock requires a quick installation. The hardest part is deciding where you want to put it. Most bike owners choose to install it on the handlebar, although you want to get crafty and find a less obvious location on your bike.

If you decide to use a gun lock to lock your helmet, be sure the 15″ cable is long enough. If not, it’s best to go with the Bristol Designs 6′ cable lock, which also gives you the option to secure your bike jacket along with your helmet.

How to Use the HelmetLok T-Bar Extension

My personal favorite lock is the HelmetLok carabiner combo lock with the T-bar extension. This is the ideal lock for half helmet owners. The extension gives you enough length to lock two helmets.

Other advantages of this lock: it takes up less space, 4-digit combo, the numbers are easier to see than the popular BigPantha helmet lock, and portability.

The video below demonstrates how to use the HelmetLok and T-Bar extension with a quick-release helmet buckle:

How do you secure an open face helmet on a motorcycle?

If you own an open face helmet, you may prefer the gun lock w/ 15″ cable. Simply hook the lock through the face opening in your helmet, then around a rail or your luggage rack.

The video below demonstrates how to use cable gun lock to fasten your helmet to your bike:

That’s about it. There are only so many ways to lock a motorcycle helmet to your bike. I’m sure that by this point you’ve already figured out which lock is best for you and where you plan to secure your helmet to your bike.

Bottom Line

Always remember that locks are mostly there to keep honest men honest. If someone really wants your helmet and has the right tools to snag it, they’ll be able to break or cut through any of these locks with the right gear. No lock on the market is going to keep out a professional thieve.

However, that doesn’t mean these locks won’t protect your helmet against petty theft or unplanned robberies. This lock may save you a few hundred bucks as one guy found out who had one helmet stolen and not the other. The Bikers Choice lock saved him $500.

Now you know the best helmet locks for motorcycles and where to find them.

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