5 Best Weatherproof Padlocks in 2024 – [Keyed & Combination]

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Are you running into corrosion issues with your current locks? Chances are – if you answered yes – then you’re working with a cheap Master Lock or something similar. For ultimate corrosion & weather resistance, you want to up the ante to a more professional padlock. In the end, you’ll save some bucks compared to buying inferior padlocks annually. In this guide, you’ll find an assortment of the best weatherproof padlocks.

The locks in this guide range in price to fit every budget, and they’re built for use under all weather conditions, including marine environments. When choosing a weatherproof padlock, it’s important to consider both the inside and outside of the lock. Our favorite brands don’t skimp on the cylinders, and a good cylinder equals butter-smooth operation with little maintenance in all environments.

Several of the features we considered when creating this guide include:

  • Lock Body Materials and Coatings/Finishes
  • Freeze and Impact Tests
  • Cylinder Type and Materials
  • Security
  • Country of Manufacture
  • Shackle Type
  • Combination/Keyed Alike

Now, let’s start with an overview of the five locks with all the most pertinent features to consider for each lock. After the chart, we’ll take a closer look at each lock in the reviews.

Top 5 Weatherproof Padlocks

Lock Description
#1) ABUS Padlock GRANIT 37RK/80

  • Material: Hardened Alloy Steel, ABUS GRANIT Coating
  • Core: ABUS-Plus Disc Cylinder
  • Shackle Diameter: 14 mm
  • Size: 80 mm
  • Weight: 2.425 lbs (Shipping)
  • Model: 37RK/80, 37RK/80 SZP
  • Price: $$$
#2) Squire Stronghold

  • Material: Solid Hardened Steel, Boron Alloy Steel Shackle, Electrophoretic Finish
  • Core: 6 Pin Tumbler Cylinder
  • Shackle Diameter: 10 mm
  • Size: 50 mm (2.5″ Shackle Length)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Model: SS50S/2.5
  • Price: $$
#3) Ingersoll Impregnable 10-Lever Padlock

  • Material: Hardened Steel, Dull Nickel Chrome Plate
  • Core: 10 Lever Cylinder
  • Shackle Diameter: 10 mm
  • Size: 2.48″ x 1.58″ x 2.48″ (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 2.32 lbs
  • Model: CS712
  • Price: $$$$
#4) ABUS 75IB Marine Brass Padlock

  • Material: Solid Brass, Nickel Pearl Coating, Stainless Steel Shackle
  • Core: Paracentric Keyway
  • Shackle Diameter: 5/16″
  • Size: 1 31/32″ x 45/64″ x 3 1/64″ (WxDxH)
  • Weight: .63 lbs
  • Model: 75IB/30, 75IB/40, 75IB/50
  • Price: $
#5) ABUS 180IB Marine Combination Lock

  • Material: Forged Brass, Stainless-Steel Shackle
  • Core: Precision Locking Mechanism, 4-Digit Resettable
  • Shackle Diameter: 8 mm
  • Size: 52 mm
  • Weight: .6 lbs
  • Model: 180IB/50 B/SB, 180IB/50HB63 B/SB
  • Price: $

Best Weatherproof Padlock Reviews

Before making your final decision, it’s important to consider where you plan to use the padlock the most. For marine environments, the final two locks in the table above are both excellent choices, though, they aren’t as secure as the first three locks. For normal outdoor conditions, including rain and snow, the first three locks in this guide offer maximum security.

Now, let’s move on to the reviews of each lock where you’ll find the pros & cons and additional features to consider before making your final selection.

#1) ABUS Padlock GRANIT 37RK/80 – Best Overall

ABUS GRANIT padlocks are some of the most secure padlocks in the world and compared to pricier alternatives, you get the most bang for your buck for a maximum security padlock. From the inside to the outside of this lock, you get ultimate all-around protection. The first component to consider is the ABUS-Plus disk cylinder, which is one of the main reasons this lock scores a perfect 10/10 on the ABUS security scale.

Only the most proficient lockpickers have a chance of picking this lock, and that’s if they have enough time on their hands. Unlike cheap weatherproof padlocks, there’s absolutely no chance of someone bumping or shimming this lock either. Both the lock body and diesel 14 mm shackle is made of hardened alloy steel, ensuring that this bad boy holds up in all environments.

The signature GRANIT coating is a cataphoretic coating that offers 40 years or more of corrosion protection. What Master Lock offers that? Lastly, the closed shackle design makes accessing the shackle with bolt cutters or other tools quite difficult. Overall, you really can’t go wrong by choosing a GRANIT model as your primary weatherproof padlock, just be sure to match the size of the lock to your needs because there are several models.


  • Top-loaded cylinder for ultimate resistance against picking and pulling attacks
  • Completely removable shackle
  • Perfect 10/10 ABUS security score
  • Made in Germany, no cheap parts
  • Keyed Alike available
  • GRANIT coating provides 40 years of resistance against corrosion


  • The heaviest lock in this guide
  • The 14 mm is too large for some applications
  • Impossible to hang the lock while open because of the removable shackle

#2) Squire Stronghold SS50S/2.5 – Best Long Shackle Weatherproof Padlock

Squire is a British lock company that offers high-security padlocks for competitive prices. At the time of this writing, Stronghold locks sell for less than GRANIT locks, however, they aren’t quite as heavy-duty or secure. Having said that, Squire’s Stronghold locks are easily some of the best weatherproof padlocks on the market.

Stronghold locks feature an electrophoretic finish that’s been tested to remain corrosion-free after being subjected to 200 hours of salt spray. Additionally, the keyhole cover ensures you get excellent protection against the elements inside the lock. As far as security, this lock is no slouch and offers great value for the money.

Currently, the long shackle SS50S/25 model scores 9/10 on Squire’s security scale and holds a CEN Grade 4/6. Several final highlights are the 6 pin tumbler that offers more than 250,000 key differs, the hardened boron steel shackle, and Squire’s 10-year satisfaction guarantee.


  • Extreme resistance against corrosion provided by the electrophoretic finish
  • 10-year warranty
  • 9/10 Squire security score
  • Made in Britain
  • More affordable than Ingersoll and ABUS GRANIT locks
  • Tested to withstand over 200 hours of salt spray without rusting
  • Keyed Alike available


  • Not as secure as ABUS GRANIT or Ingersoll padlocks
  • Narrower shackle than GRANIT

#3) Ingersoll Impregnable 10-Lever Padlock (CS700 or CS712)

For lock collectors and lovers, Ingersoll’s 10-Lever model is the best lock in this guide. Originally released in 1971, this lock was – and still is – known as the “impregnable” padlock in the UK. Each lock is manufactured in the UK with hardened steel graded in the UK rather than being imported. For corrosion resistance, the lock body features a dull nickel chrome plate.

Unlike marine padlocks, this lock will stand up to normal outdoor weather conditions including rain and snow, though, it’s not intended for long-term use in salty marine environments. For security, the lock features 10 levers, making it extremely difficult to pick. Additional components that make this lock truly special are the Z-shaped anti-drill bar, keyway cover, and signature closed shackle design.

Finally, you have the option to choose between an open shackle, a closed shackle, and a completely enclosed shackle that gives the lock the appearance of a Zippo. Also, there are Keyed Alike versions, and the padlock itself is key-retaining, meaning the key can only be removed while locked.


  • Built to withstand the elements with its dull nickel-chrome finish
  • Keyed Alike or Keyed Different
  • Made in the UK, no imported steel
  • Features an anti-drill bar
  • Multiple closed shackle versions
  • Includes 3 keys


  • Difficult to get replacement keys
  • Lever locking mechanisms are considered inferior to modern disc and pin mechanisms
  • Highest cost

#4) ABUS 75IB – Best Weatherproof Marine Padlock

Now, let’s take a big jump down the price ladder to ABUS’ 75IB marine padlock. Unlike the first three locks, this lock is made for long-term use in marine environments. The key feature that protects the lock against corrosion is ABUS’ trademark NANO PROTECT. This nickel pearl coating ensures the lock functions smoothly in even the harshest weather conditions.

When considering security, it’s important to know that this lock is not as secure as ABUS’ GRANIT series. Comparatively, the 75IB scores 6/10 on the ABUS security scale, while GRANIT locks score a perfect 10/10. One main difference is the cylinder. The 75IB does not feature the ABUS-Plus disk cylinder, meaning it’s easier to pick than a GRANIT lock.

Several convenience features you’ll like are the reversible key locking system (use the key in either direction), a self-locking mechanism by simply pushing down the shackle, and the shackle is not removable which allows you to hang it while it’s open. Overall, this is a solid padlock for use in extreme weather where medium security is desired.


  • Marine-grade for use in the harshest weather conditions
  • Excellent value for the money
  • The reversible key locking system provides up to 168,000 key variations
  • The smaller shackle size makes it great for gym and pool lockers
  • Easy to maintain with occasional use of lock lubricant
  • Key-retaining


  • Easier to pick than the first three locks
  • No closed shackle models

#5) ABUS 180IB – Best Weatherproof Combination Padlock

The final lock is the best combination padlock for outdoor use, and it’s quite affordable compared to the first three locks. Firstly, one tip is to be cautious when shopping for weatherproof padlocks because you’ll often find locks labeled as “all-weather” that aren’t actually weatherproof. The ABUS 180IB is an official weather-resistant combination lock for use in severe weather conditions.

Next, each 180IB lock offers a 4-digit resettable code, non-corrosive inner components, stainless steel shackle, and solid forged brass body. Like the 75IB, the 180IB features an 8 mm shackle (about 5/16″) which makes it more universal than beefier padlocks. Additionally, there’s a long shackle version of this lock available, model 180IB/50HB63 B/SB.

The final consideration regards the operation of the lock. Oftentimes, cheap “weatherproof” combination padlocks begin to stick or stop functioning altogether. With normal maintenance every few months, the dials on this lock will roll smoothly even after getting hit by harsh weather. Also, there’s a nifty feature that prevents the lock from locking until you set an incorrect combination, preventing the lock from shutting with the correct combination entered.


  • A true all-weather marine ABUS padlock
  • Long-shackle version available
  • 4-digit resettable combination
  • 5/16″ shackle diameter for a wide range of uses (lockers, toolboxes, gates, sheds, etc.)
  • Reliable corrosion resistance compared to inferior brands
  • Won’t lock until an incorrect combination is entered


  • 5/10 ABUS security score
  • Not as reliable as other ABUS locks

Bottom Line

To wrap things up, it’s important to always consider where you plan to use your lock the most and the level of security you desire. Overall, ABUS GRANIT is the best weatherproof padlock for maximum security applications. There are locks that cost double or more that aren’t as beefy or tough as a GRANIT lock.

To get the highest level of security for the money, Squire Stronghold weatherproof padlocks are worth a long look. Stronghold locks feature 6 pin tumbler cylinders for a near-budget price, and the electrophoretic finish ensures they hold up under extreme weather conditions.

Finally, for marine applications, be sure to consider ABUS 75IB and 180IB locks before similar Master Lock models. Compared to cheap padlocks, ABUS marine padlocks actually get the job done when it comes to preventing premature corrosion.

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