Pacsafe Metrosafe, Citysafe & Venturesafe (2024 Comparison)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Good morning fellow travelers through space and time, I’m your host, traveling Chuck. This article is the second installment in my anti-theft backpack review series. Today, I share my Pacsafe Metrosafe, Citysafe, and Venturesafe comparison guide.

Let’s get right to it!

Pacsafe Metrosafe 25L (LS450) and 15L (LS350) Review

The video below is the unpacking of a fresh LS450:

Next up is the 15L (L350) edition of the same backpack:

The 25L size will cover the entire back of someone who is 5’9″ and could sag a bit on someone is 5’4″ or shorter. The 15L size covers roughly the entire back of someone who is 5’4″ and about 2/3 of someone who is 5’9″. If you are 6’0″ or taller, you should stick to the 25L size.

Metrosafe Features

  • Let’s go over a quick summary of the features you will find on the Metrosafe bag:
  • Stainless steel mesh inside the fabric makes these bags slash-proof
  • RFID blocking technology that blocks thieves from reading your credit card information
  • Extra comfy shoulder straps to make daily commutes on foot more bearable
  • Easy access front pocket for those items you don’t want to be buried too deep
  • Zipper locks and security clips make it nearly impossible for a thief to rip the bag off your back while on the run
  • The shoulder straps are also slash-proof using the Carrysafe technology designed by Pacsafe
  • Dimensions: LS450 25L 18.9 x 11.8 x 6.7″ (height x width x depth) and LS350 15L 16.5 x 11.6 x 5″ (height x width x depth)
  • Weight LS450 25L: 1.9 lbs and LS350 15L: 1.5 lbs

  • The interior mesh is a premium feature not found on all anti-theft bags
  • Slash-proof straps
  • Super sturdy and durable materials
  • Longer life
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile – travel, school, work, hiking
  • Great carry-on
  • Keeps electronics safe from damage
  • Higher Price than other Anti-Theft Bags
  • Zippers aren’t hidden
  • The 25L is too big for shorter people

My Thoughts on the Metrosafe

I’ve traveled around the world for close to a decade and can tell that this bag will last you for years instead of months.

The steel mesh inside the fabric is an incredible feature but could be overkill for some people.

It’s also important to remember that locks on bags can attract thieves in countries with a lot of pickpockets.

When professional pickpockets see locks, they instantly assume that something valuable is inside the bag.

For this reason, I never walk around cities with a backpack.

Instead, I use a hidden waist belt travel wallet.

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Lastly, I like that these bags have RFID blocking technology built into them.

I enjoy having peace of mind knowing that no one can steal my credit card information while I’m in the airport or using public transportation.

Pacsafe Citysafe 19L (CS350) and 15L (CS300) Review

Below is a video of the CS350:

Next up is the smaller version of the Citysafe, the CS300:

Citysafe Features

  • The Citysafe also features the steel mesh inside the fabric to prevent thieves from poking or slashing your bag open.
  • Slash-proof shoulder straps with hooks to lock in the straps
  • RFID blocking materials and compartment to keep your passport, credit card, and other document information safe
  • Key clip inside the bag
  • Hidden hook to keep the zippers to main compartments secure
  • Internal organizer for documents
  • Can fit up to a 13″ laptop
  • Dimensions: CS350 15 x 10.2 x 6.3″ (height x width x depth) and CS300 13.8 x 10.2 x 5.5″ (height x width x depth)
  • Weight: CS350 1.2 lbs and CS300 1.19 lbs

  • Interior Mesh for reliable slash or poking protection
  • Perfect for daily commutes
  • Protect up to a 13″ laptop
  • Security hook to keep zippers closed
  • RFID compartment inside
  • Durable materials = longer life
  • Great for carrying lots of smaller items securely
  • The side pockets are good for holding an umbrella and slim water bottle
  • Too small for taller men
  • Extra padding in the material eats up space
  • Higher price than other bags
  • Not large enough to pack shoes and clothes

My Thoughts on the Citysafe

Since I’m a guy, I don’t think the Citysafe is for me.

In my opinion, this bag is perfect for women who want to keep their possessions safe on the way to work or while walking around the city.

One reviewer noted that she’s felt secure while walking around major cities in Europe.

Pickpockets are prevalent in Europe.

I’ve seen a pickpocket take off through a crowd in Amsterdam after robbing a traveler.

The Citysafe is the perfect bag to keep your possessions safe for a day trip.

If you’re on the hunt for a travel bag that will hold more for a longer trip up to a week, the Metrosafe 25L size is a better option.

The Citysafe is more of an anti-theft purse than a travel backpack, although it’d be a great addition to bring it along in larger luggage for sightseeing during the day or short hikes.

I give it a thumbs up overall for women who want to feel safe while cruising around a city without carrying too much weight.

Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII and 15L GII Review

The Venturesafe series by Pacsafe comes in several sizes, but in this review, I’ll focus on the 25L and 15L daypack sizes that compare well with the Citysafe and Metrosafe.

Below is a video of the GII 25L size:

Note: it does not come with the Henry Cavill lookalike.

Moving right along, here’s a video fo the 15L GII:

He’s not quite Henry Cavill, but he did give a decent overview of the bag.

Before I jump into the features, I’d like to point out that the 15L size is a great daypack while the 25L size could handle a weekend or week-long journey or longer for all the minimalist travelers out there (I so want to be one of you).

Venturesafe Features

  • The Venture includes the Pacsafe steel mesh within the fabric that prevents pokes and slashes
  • The zipper hooks that keep the zipper securely shut while your back is turned
  • RFID compartment to keep your passport, credit, and debit card information safe
  • Waist and chest straps on the 25L size and a single waist strap on the 15L size
  • The 25L size can fit up to a 15″ laptop while the 15L size can handle up to a 13″ laptop
  • Both packs feature a compartment for a hydration pack (I just had a light-bulb moment and realized how sweet the 15L size would be for music festivals)
  • Dimensions: 25L GII 19.7 x 11.4 x 7.9″ (height x width x depth) and 15L GII 18.1 x 12.6 x 6.3″ (height x width x depth)
  • Weight: 25L 1.95 lbs and 15L 1.64 lbs

  • Super lightweight
  • Versatile: hiking, camping, travel abroad, festivals
  • Stands the test of time
  • Reliable security
  • Comfortable back support
  • Can be used as a carry-on bag and fits under plane seats
  • Perfect for up to week-long traps for a longtime user
  • Saved one person’s “back and sanity” while traveling
  • Great for securing cameras and lenses
  • Girl Scout approved
  • 25L too large for city commuting
  • Chest and shoulder straps could be thicker
  • The security cables make the straps a bit stiff

My Thoughts on the Venturesafe

As the name suggests, this bag is the best of the three Pacsafe models I reviewed for travel.

The 15L GII could be used for city commuting a daypack, but it’s probably not the best option to use for work or school.

Overall, I really like the bag as an anti-theft travel backpack for both men and women.

Also, if you are a music festival lover like me, the hydration compartment makes this a solid pick.

Sometimes when we get deep into the festival, it’s nice to have those security features to make sure we keep our stuff safe.

You may even lock yourself out of your bag at the festival, which could be a good thing.

Bottom Line

Pacsafe is one of the leaders in anti-theft gear for a reason,

They offer premium options like their internal mesh that other companies do not offer.

You may pay a higher price upfront, but you’ll get years more use out of these bags.

I’d think twice if Pacsafe charged hundreds more than other brands.

My final breakdown:

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Stay tuned for more Pacsafe bags in my future reviews, and stay safe out there!

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