5 Best Dry Bag Backpacks for Cycling & Kayaking (2024)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to our pro guide to choosing the best dry bag backpack. In this all-in-1 guide, you’ll discover the top 5 best dry bag backpacks currently on the market along with helpful tips on how to choose the best pack. Whether you plan to go cycling, kayaking, fishing, stream crossing, or any other wet activity, we’ve got you covered!

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When choosing the best dry bag backpack, it’s essential to grab for brands that live up to your expectations. 100% reliability is the name of the game since you want to be able to stow your phone, headphones, camera, laptop, photography equipment, and really anything you don’t want to get wet with confidence.

By the end of our guide, I’m confident that you’ll have chosen a great pack that’ll go with you on many memorable journeys ahead!

Below are several considerations we made when choosing the packs in our top 5:

  • Reliability
  • 100% waterproof design
  • Quality seals/zippers that won’t fail or break
  • Airtight
  • Durable materials that’ll stand the test of time
  • The best activities for each pack
  • And of course, functionality

Backpack Features & Highlights
#1 YETI Panga Backpack

yeti panga best dry bag backpack 2019

  • The YETI Panga is the ultimate submersible dry bag backpack and the most premium option on our list
  • The Panga is 100% waterproof and airtight! This pack is perfect for keeping your items dry and the bag’s contents hot or cold (beer drinkers rejoice)
  • We highly recommend the Panga for fishing, boating, hiking, and all beach activities
  • YETI DryHaul shoulder straps won’t hold water and provide superior comfort while you enjoy your favorite activity
  • Removable chest and waist straps for optimum load distribution
  • The YETI shell is made of high-density nylon and thick TPU lamination for puncture and abrasion resistance
  • The interior sleeve is perfect for holding a laptop or important documents along with an interior mesh zip pocket for small personal belongings
  • Rugged top and side wide-grip carry handles
  • Dimensions: 20″ Height x 12.5″ Width x 7″ Depth
  • Capacity: 28L
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#1 for Commuter Cyclists

#2 BackSåk Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

backsak best dry bag cycling backpack

  • The BackSåk is ready to tackle any wet adventure!
  • Available in 25L and 35L sizes (Commuter cyclists are in love with the 25-liter version)
  • Made of watertight 500-denier PVC with welded seams and a roll-down top closure for ultimate security
  • Choose between clipping the top panel to form a handle for easy carrying or compress the bag by clipping into the side clips (we love this feature)
  • Interior pocket for keeping your phone and other sensitive valuables completely separate from wet items such as towels
  • Splash-Proof exterior easy-access zip pocket
  • Cycling Features: EVA foam padded back panel, reflective patch & trim, adjustable sternum strap, D-rings for clipping a water bottle or other accessories
  •  Also great for kayaking, fishing, camping, water parks, wet hikes, boating 
  • Dimensions: 16″ Height x 11.5″ Width x 6″ Depth (25-liter), 19″ Height x 12.5″ Width x 6″ Depth (35L size)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
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#1 for Kayaking

#3 Vitchelo 30L Dry Bag Backpack

  • The Vitchelo is a top rated dry bag backpack for kayaking!
  • Built of reliable vinyl tarpaulin w/ waterproof high-frequency welded seams and roll-down top closure
  • Wide contoured ventilated shoulder straps, breathable padded back panel, adjustable sternum strap w/ vertical adjustability, and waist belt for superior load distribution
  • Designed to float
  • Side mesh water bottle pockets and included waterproof phone pouch w/ lanyard
  • When not in use, the Vitchelo bag folds into a rectangular flat package, making it great to bring along on adventure travels abroad
  • Sturdy dedicated top handle at the top of the shoulder straps
  •  Also great for boating, canoeing, surf trips, snorkeling adventures, hiking, camping 
  • Dimensions: 26.8″ Height (fully extended) x 12.6″ Width x 7.1″ Depth
  • Weight: 2 lbs
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#1 Small Dry Bag Backpack

#4 Piscifun Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

piscifun best small dry bag backpack

  • If the bags that came before it were too large for your needs, the Piscifun bag comes in 4 different sizes: 10L, 20L, 30L, and 40L
  • Integrated wide-grip top handle = no more grabbing your dry bag by the buckle
  • Outer mesh utility pocket with compression bungee cords
  • Wear it as a backpack, sling bag, or carry it by the top handle
  • Made of 100% waterproof 500D PVC
  • Welded seams and a roll-down waterproof top closure keep everything inside the bag bone dry
  • IPX8-Certified 6.6″ waterproof phone case w/ lanyard and high-definition viewing window (holds phones with up to 6.5″ screens)
  • Removable, adjustable padded shoulder straps for extra comfort when you desire
  •  Great for kayaking, cycling, boating, camping, tailgating, beach activities, hikes with stream crossings, fishing, canoeing, rafting, outdoor music festivals 
  • Dimensions: 15″ Height x 7.8″ Diameter (10L size)
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#1 Dry Bag Backpack w/ Air Valve


SUPERSINGULARITY 30L Dry Bag Backpack w/ Dual Air Valve

  • Interested in a dry bag backpack with a dual air valve? Simply blow up the Supersingularity bag to make it float or suck the air out to compress it (no need for compressions straps). How cool is that?
  • High-frequency welded seams
  • Also serves as an emergency camp shower
  • Made of rugged non-rip, puncture-proof 500 denier tarpaulin w/ a roll-down top to create a waterproof seal (tarpaulin remains flexible even in subzero temperatures)
  • Integrated wide-grip grab handle on the front of the bag to carry it as a duffle bag
  • Adjustable removable shoulder straps for backpack mode
  •  Perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, boating, hiking, and beach activites 
  • Dimensions: 28.7″ Height (fully extended) x 8.7″ Diameter
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What did you think of our Top 5 selections? If you’re still undecided, let’s go over several key considerations that answer the most frequently asked questions about dry bag backpacks before you buy.

Are dry bags really waterproof?

The bags in our Top 5 are waterproof, not water-resistant. These bags are different from waterproof backpacks that are made of both waterproof and water-resistant materials.

The packs here employ special high-frequency welded seams to keep out water, and they’re made with durable waterproof materials.

yeti panga best dry bag backpack 2019

YETI even went the extra mile with its Panga backpack to make it both airtight and waterproof. For this reason, we recommend the YETI backpack as both a cooler backpack and a dry bag backpack.

Do dry bags float?

In order for a dry bag to float, there needs to be some air inside it. If you want your bag to float, we recommend filling it 1/2 to 2/3 of the way with your gear and sealing the top closure with air inside the bag.

SUPERSINGULARITY 30L Dry Bag Backpack w/ Dual Air Valve

The Supersingularity dry bag is the best pack in our Top 5 for floating because of the dual air valve that allows you to blow air into the bag after it’s been packed and sealed. However, dry bag backpacks are not the best option for towing behind a kayak during long trips on the water.

Click Here #ad to view a swim buoy dry bag at Amazon that’s best for towing. The drawback to this type of bag is it lacks the functionality and utility offered by traditional dry bag backpacks.

What is the best dry bag?

Choosing the best dry bag comes down to your needs and preferences. We included a range of options in our Top 5 to accommodate everyone’s needs. Be sure to refer back to the Top 5 Chart to see the best uses we listed for each bag.

Once you know which size you want and which activities you intend to use the bag for, it’s easy-peasy to select the best dry bag for you from our Top 5.

Overall, the YETI backpack is less for sports and more for fishing, camping, the beach, and boating. The other bags in our Top 5 are superior choices for cycling, kayaking, and rafting trips.

Are dry bags smell proof?

Dry bags are not made to be 100% odor-proof, however, they will partially trap odors inside the bag. We recommend our list of best smell-proof backpacks for the best choices in that department. Those bags use special activated carbon lining to seal even the strongest odors inside the bag.

How big of a dry bag do I need?

For most activities, a 10L or 20L dry bag is too small. The optimum size for most uses is 30L, although you may opt for a larger 40L size for longer camping trips.

Cyclists may prefer 10L or 20L sizes to keep the weight down while they ride.

How big is a 30-liter dry bag?

Refer to our Top 5 Chart above to check the exact dimensions for the 30L options. A rough estimate is 27″ Height (fully extended) x 8.5″ Diameter.

Bottom Line

I’m confident that our guide to choosing the best dry bag backpack will lead you to the best choice. No matter what you plan to do with your bag, there are options in our Top 5 to suit your needs.

Dry bag backpacks are an excellent choice for adventure travels, outdoor activities, boating activities, and the beach. The best part is they fold down and are lightweight, making them great to take along on a plane en route to your next adventure.

Keep your expensive photography equipment, phone, laptop, video camera, and other accessories you don’t want to get wet safe inside one of the reliable dry bags we recommend.

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