Top 10 Best Backpacks with Hidden Compartments • 2024 Guide

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Backpacks with hidden compartments come in all shapes and sizes with different types of secret pockets. In this guide and top-10 list, you’ll learn about all the various types of compartments plus check out the best packs available.

By the end, you’ll know for sure which pack is the one for you.

Hidden Compartment/Pocket Guide

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Let’s start with a list of secret pocket types with pictures to give you a better idea of what to look for when choosing a pack.

#1) The Rear/Back Panel Hidden Pocket

The rear hidden pocket is usually a zipper pocket located in the lower part of the back panel, or it can be a vertical zipper that runs along the side of the back panel.

This is one of my favorite types of secret compartments because I travel a lot. It’s convenient for storing documents that I need easy access to, and I don’t have to worry about anyone getting into this pocket while I’m not looking.

If you use public transportation, you may find that this pocket is useful for storing tickets or a small amount of cash you don’t want to put in your pants pockets. It’s also a great place to temporarily stash your keys.

#2) Shoulder Strap Pockets

Another type of hidden compartment is a small zipper pocket in the shoulder strap. These pockets are small and at chest level. It’s best to put a credit or debit card in one of these pockets that you need easy access to while on the go.

You can also fit smaller items such as a key, coins, or a small amount of cash in this type of pocket without anyone noticing since the zipper gets concealed by the shoulder strap fabric.

#3) Hip Strap/Side Panel Hidden Pockets

These pockets are similar to the shoulder strap pockets but less hidden depending on the bag. They come in different shapes and sizes. The inner pockets are better for hiding things than the outer zip pockets.

It’s best to only use these side pockets while you have the hip strap locked against your waist or else the pockets will dangle. Try to stick with bags such as the Bobby backpack that keep this type of pocket concealed.

#4) Rain Cover Bottom Panel Pocket

There are backpacks available with rain cover pockets in the bottom of the bag. These pockets are often hard to see without knowing they’re there.

If you have a larger item that you want to keep hidden while you’re in transit, this type of hidden compartment is one of your best options.

#5) Hidden Zipper Pockets

There are anti-theft backpacks available such as the XD Design Bobby bag that have hidden zippers on the outer compartments.

This type of bag appears seamless to outsiders, and if they don’t know what they’re looking at, they won’t know that the main compartment zippers are hidden.

A lot of competitors have already copied the Bobby design because it caught on like wildfire. The beauty of this bag is that you never have to look over your shoulder while wearing it to see if someone is tampering with your outer pockets since there are none.

#6) Hidden Laptop Compartments

Hidden laptop compartments are similar to secret back panel pockets except they’re larger. The way this type of compartment works is by concealing the zippers with extra fabric.

Without moving the fabric, a stranger won’t ever know the laptop compartment is there. Instead, they’ll assume that the main compartment is the only compartment.

#7) Hydration Pack Compartments w/ Hidden Zippers

There are also hydration packs with hidden zippers to the hydration pocket similar to the laptop-style compartment I described above.

If you’re looking for a smaller backpack with a larger hidden compartment, this is a solid option. The hydration pack included in the top-10 list below also has a hidden rear pocket.

#8) Internal Stash Pockets

There are now smell-proof backpacks available to store your “goods.” These packs have internal stash pockets that are almost impossible to find unless you know where to look.

You also get the added bonus of keeping the smell permeating from your stinkiest gear inside the bag.

#9) Make Your Own

The final option is to sew in your own hidden pockets or find someone who can do it for you. This is a good idea if you want to make a very small secret pocket inside your bag that only you know about.

You can use this same idea with clothing as well.

Ready to check out the packs?

Top 10 Best Backpacks with Hidden Compartments

Pack Hidden Compartments

OUTJOY Backpack

  • Hidden main compartment zipper
  • Rear pocket
  • Price: $

XD Design Bobby Original

  • Side panel
  • Concealed zippers
  • Rear pocket
  • Price: $$$

KOPACK Backpack

  • Rear hidden pocket
  • Side panel
  • Rain cover pocket
  • Shoulder strap
  • Hidden zippers
  • Price: $$

Mothybot Hydration Pack

  • Rear zip pocket
  • Price: $

Smell-Proof Backpack w/ Combo Lock

  • Internal stash pocket
  • Combination lock
  • Price: $$

Dime Bags Hemp Backpack

Best Backpack with Secret Stash Pocket

  • Internal stash pocket
  • Smell-proof bag included
  • Price: $$$

Dime Bags Skatepack

  • Internal stash pocket
  • Smell-proof bag included
  • Price: $$$

Mark Ryden Anti-theft Backpack

  • Rear pocket (Note: no zipper)
  • Side pocket
  • Two shoulder strap pockets
  • Price: $$

KOPACK Business Backpack

  • Back Pocket
  • Price: $

KUPRINE Business Backpack

  • Back pocket
  • Price: $

#1 OUTJOY Backpack

This laptop backpack by OUTJOY is one of the only bags that offers a rear hidden pocket along with hidden main compartment zippers in the back panel.

With this bag, you can hide the zipper to the main compartment beneath the top handle. Plus, you get the hidden rear pocket near the bottom of the back panel. Once you open the bag, there are additional organizer pockets to keep your possessions super secure.

There are no exterior pockets on this bag. You’ll only find the external USB port on the side of the bag that allows you to charge your cell phone without opening your bag. You do need to purchase a power bank separately for this to work.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Hidden zipper at main compartment
  • Rear panel secret pocket

#2 XD Design Bobby Original

The Bobby bag is the perfect example of a backpack with hidden pockets in the side panel (see photo below). These pockets stay against your body, and no one can see them while you’re wearing the bag.

Yet they allow for easy enough access that you can open them while wearing the bag by pulling the bag forward and shifting your body a bit.

You also get the rear hidden pocket, and what I like a lot about this pocket is that the zipper tucks into a sleeve. You can barely see that it’s there unless you look closely (see photo below).

Similar to the OUTJOY bag above, the Bobby also has no exterior pockets and completely hidden zippers to the main compartment. It’s hard to beat the Bobby bag in terms of being the best anti-theft backpack with hidden compartments currently on the market.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Side panel zipper pockets at hip level
  • Concealed zippers at the main compartment
  • Rear panel secret pocket

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#3 KOPACK Backpack

This bag by KOPACK is the ultimate backpack with hidden pockets. It has all the same stash pockets as the Bobby plus more. And guess what? It costs a lot less.

The only downfall is that the zipper to the main compartment isn’t quite as hidden as on the Bobby pack. Also, the zipper at the rear hidden pocket isn’t as high quality as the one featured on the Bobby pack.

What’s the difference? The KOPACK bag has a secret zipper pocket in the shoulder strap to hold your ID, credit/debit card, a key, or a small amount of cash or coins. It also features the rain cover hidden pocket I mentioned in the pocket guide.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Rear hidden zipper pocket
  • Side panel zipper pocket (similar to the Bobby)
  • Rain cover zipper pocket in the bottom panel
  • Shoulder strap zipper pocket
  • Hidden zippers at main compartment and laptop compartment

Want to know more about KOPACK? Read my full KOPACK backpack review

#4 Vibedration Hydration Pack

Leave it to the ravers to design a hydration pack with a hidden pocket in the back panel. I included this pack on the list to give you an idea of how hydration packs can also have hidden pockets.

If you like to go to festivals, hike, or partake in other outdoor activities, this is a pretty cool bag that gives you the option of a secret compartment. I also like how the mouthpiece on the water hose is wider and more comfortable than on other hydration bladders.

There are also a ton of designs and colors to choose from including alien heads, pandas, and lemons. I’m feeling the lemon design. I think you could make a lot of new friends at a rave with that design.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Rear panel zipper pocket

#5 Smell Proof Backpack w/ Combo Lock and Hidden Stash Pocket

Okay, now this bag is certainly unique. It has a built-in combination lock and hidden stash pocket inside the bag. If you’re looking to secure your stash and keep the smell inside your bag, this is the pack for you.

The combination lock allows you to lock the zippers in place with a three-digit combo similar to the feature on suitcases (see photo below). It also looks like a plain backpack and won’t draw any extra attention from the po-po or your teachers if you’re still in school.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Internal stash pocket
  • Combination zipper lock on the main compartment

#6 Dime Bags Hemp Backpack – Best Backpack with Secret Stash Pocket

This natural hemp backpack by Dime Bags isn’t the most inconspicuous bag on the market, but with the way states are legalizing these days, this bag is A-ok. Also, you have the option to remove the “Dime Bags” logo if you want to go into stealth mode.

The added bonus with this pack is it comes with a spill/smell proof bag and hidden stash pocket inside the pack. This pack also has a softer feel than most hemp fabrics and won’t fade. Overall, this pack is a heady option for those peeps who want a more stylish backpack with a hidden compartment.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Spill/smell-proof bag included
  • Internal stash pocket

#7 Dime Bags Skatepack

Here’s the perfect bag for skateboarders who want the added advantage of an internal stash pocket. This Dime Bags backpack is made of the same soft hemp fabric as the bag above and also comes with the spill/smell-proof bag to keep even the stinkiest headies under wraps.

Now you can skate freely without having to worry about someone stealing your buds. If you’re worried about the “Dime Bags” logo, it’s removable, and you can put whatever design you want there as long as it has velcro on the back.

I like this bag because it’s the most stylish, can hold my skateboard, and it has that internal stash pocket to hold the smell-proof baggie.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Internal stash pocket
  • Smell-proof baggie

#8 Mark Ryden Anti-theft Backpack

Another variation of the Bobby bag with a bit of a twist is the Mark Ryden anti-theft backpack with hidden compartments in the back panel and shoulder straps. You also get the hidden zipper pocket inside the waist/side panel that sits at hip level.

What I like a lot about this bag is how deep the zipper to the main compartment is hidden beneath the fabric. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to open this bag without you noticing. It’s also a lot more affordable than the Bobby pack.

The zipper on the shoulder strap sticks out a bit, which may turn you off. What I do like is that the bag has zipper pockets on both shoulder straps, giving you more options to store small objects or cards for easy access. I also like how the front pocket has a hidden zipper pull and zipper by adding extra fabric to conceal it.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Rear hidden pocket (Note: this pocket doesn’t have a zipper)
  • Side pocket at waist
  • Two shoulder strap zipper pockets

Read my full Mark Ryden backpack review for a closer look

#9 KOPACK Business Backpack

The Business model by KOPACK is the best backpack with a rear hidden pocket. Why? Because KOPACK designed the back panel to have seams, and the design team added the rear pocket zipper into one of the seams.

It’s almost impossible to see the hidden back pocket without looking closely. Plus, once you close the pocket, you can tuck the zipper between the fabric to make it even less noticeable.

The side-load laptop compartment is also really cool. There aren’t a lot of backpacks that offer that feature.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Hidden back pocket

#10 KUPRINE Business Backpack

Here’s one last backpack with a secret compartment in the rear panel. What I like about this pack that makes it different from the rest is the small easy-access top pocket that blends in with the zippers of the main compartments (see photo below).

This pack is very affordable and comes with a ton of other options including an anti-shock plate in the laptop compartment. You also get the side pockets in the waist that are semi-hidden.

If you’re like me and like to have a buckle sternum strap for added support, this bag does come with one.

Types of hidden compartments:

  • Hidden back pocket

Final Thoughts

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I’m confident that you’ve found what you’re looking for, but if you’re still on the fence, go back to the top and check out the chart to see which hidden compartments are included in each bag.

I’ll leave you with a couple of bonus tips:

  • The Dime Bags backpacks are more stylish and do come with smell-proof bags, however, they’ll draw more attention than the more traditional-looking bags on the list.
  • If you want to draw less attention and be super stealthy, stick with the bags that look like normal backpacks but have hidden pockets.
  • The KOPACK bags are great, affordable, and easily some of the best backpacks with hidden pockets. Those bags are definitely my top choice.

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