Top 5 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for Business Travelers (2024)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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In the age of globalization, more people than ever before are traveling both domestically and internationally on business. In today’s review, I share my top picks for the best anti-theft backpacks for business travelers.

Best Anti Theft Backpacks for Business Travelers

Business travelers require backpacks with a more professional look. They also don’t need the same size bag as someone who is embarking on a multi-week backpacking trip through Europe.

The features business travelers require are a compact size to use as a carry-on bag, a quality laptop compartment, a USB charging port, and enough pockets to organize gadgets plus other business accessories.

Here are my top picks for business travel…

#1) XD Design Bobby Compact

My overall top pick for quality is the Bobby Compact model. The Bobby Compact has a sleek look, a compact size, and is built with durable materials. A lot of other bags may have the same features, but they will surely fall apart before a premium XD Design backpack.


  • An external USB-port for easy charging without having to open your bag (requires a power bank)
  • Integrated rain cover for those times you run into unexpected rain in your next destination
  • 11-liter capacity
  • Small enough to be used as a carry-on on most airlines and fit under the seat for those budget airlines that require you to put your bag under the seat in front of you
  • Slash-proof materials
  • Fits up to a 14″ laptop and a 9″ tablet
  • Extra organization pockets for all your other gadgets and accessories
  • Hidden zippers and pockets for easy access to credit cards or your ID while on the go
  • 30, 60, and 180-degree opening angles allow you to lay the bag flat while going through airport security
  • 15.8″ height x 11.8″ width x 6.3″ depth
  • 1.81 pounds
  • Premium materials
  • Built for back comfort
  • Perfect for short trips and commutes
  • Includes all the key anti-theft features
  • Includes rain cover
  • Only fits up to a 14″ laptop
  • Too small for longer trips
  • Fewer pockets than other anti-theft bags

Overall Grade 9/10

#2) eBags Professional Slim

The eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack could be your dream all-in-1 backpack. It combines a lighter set of anti-theft features with superior organization and features I haven’t seen on other anti-theft backpacks. One of the features I love is the bottom pocket’s hard case that allows the bag to sit upright.


  • Fits up to a 17″ laptop
  • The bottom pocket contains a hard case to store items you don’t want to get crushed such as sunglasses or a fresh morning donut
  • Sternum strap and strap to hook the bag onto your rolling suitcase
  • Water bottle side pocket and a separate sleeve to keep your tablet safe
  • Large organizer pocket to keep everything organized
  • Top and side handles
  • Shoulder straps can be stowed
  • Stash pockets
  • Exterior Dimensions 18″ X 12.75″ X 8.5″ and Laptop Compartment Dimensions 17.5″ X 12.25″ X 1.5″
  • Total capacity is 21.5 liters
  • 3.3 pounds
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Premium build with a lifetime guarantee
  • Perfect for all business needs
  • Fits all size laptops
  • Superior organization
  • Hard case for fragile items
  • No external USB port
  • Minimal anti-theft features
  • Could be too big for some travelers
  • Requires a security lock for outer compartments

Overall Grade 8/10

Also, check out the smaller version of this bag, the eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack below #ad:

#3) Kopack Slim Business Backpack

Now for the Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack. This pack costs less than my first two picks but that doesn’t mean it lacks the key anti-theft features we look for in a bag.

Kopack is known for going heavy on anti-theft features, and they’ve come up with some clever ideas for this business laptop backpack. Check out the video below to take a look at the Kopack in action:


  • The laptop compartment is hidden beneath the shoulder straps and fits up to a 17″ laptop
  • Anti-puncture dual-layer zipper means thieves have no chance of breaking apart your zipper
  • Anti-scratch and water resistant materials keep your possessions dry
  • Tons of organization pockets with a handy sunglasses clip
  • An external USB port for charging your cell phone without opening the bag
  • 8MM foam padded shoulder straps for superior comfort and less stress on your back
  • Reinforced stitching to ensure this bag stands the test of time
  • Loaded with anti-theft features
  • Large enough for a weekend trip
  • Small enough to use as a carry-on bag
  • Tons of internal organization
  • Heavy-duty zippers with holes for travel locks
  • No top or side handles
  • No extra padding on the bottom
  • Does not have the lay-flat feature
  • Small side pocket

Overall Grade 7/10

#4) BOPai Anti-Theft Business Backpack

Next up is perhaps the most attractive bag on the list, the BOPai Anti-Theft Business Backpack. It comes loaded with convenient features and modest anti-theft options.

Check out the BOPai bag in action below:


  • Holds up to a 15.6″ laptop
  • Made of durable ballistic nylon material
  • Features a secret back pocket and card pocket in the shoulder strap for easy access to transit or credit cards
  • Internal pockets for cell phone, tablet, and other business accessories
  • An external USB port for charging your phone on the go
  • External zipper side pocket for holding your water bottle
  • Concealed double zipper to keep pickpockets out of your bag
  • Water-resistant materials
  • Opens at a 45-degree angle for easy access and easy packing
  • Padded shoulder straps and breathable back panel
  • Dimensions are 11.8″ length x 5.5″ depth x 17.7″ height
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds
  • Loaded with features
  • Security pockets are invisible
  • Great internal organization
  • 45-degree opening makes packing and unpacking simple
  • Perfect design for business professionals
  • Can’t accommodate laptops larger than 15.6″
  • Not big enough for long trips

Overall Grade 8/10

#5) Mancro Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack

Coming in at number 5 is the Mancro Anti Theft Business pack, designed specifically for busy professionals on the move. The Mancro pack is the easiest on your wallet of the packs on this list, yet it comes with most of the features you need to keep your possessions safe while in transit.

Check out the video of the Mancro below:


  • Fits up to a 15.6″ laptop
  • Comes with a combination lock to keep your valuables safe
  • Heavy-duty metal zippers are easy to pull
  • 9 inner pockets and 2 sealed side pockets
  • Water-resistant
  • S-shaped shoulder straps for extra comfort and support
  • External USB port
  • Dimensions 20″ height x 12.2″ width x 8″ depth
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable enough to handle heavy loads
  • Great organization options
  • Perfect size for a carry-on
  • Not slash proof
  • Can’t hold larger 17″ laptops
  • Does not open at 45-degree angle or lay flat

Overall Grade 7/10

Bottom Line

The business bags that made my top five list fit everyone’s budget and preferences. Buy any of these bags with confidence, knowing your valuables and other possessions are safe while you’re on the road.

My personal favorite is the Bobby bag for shorter trips and the BOPai for everyday use because I love the design.

I chose these bags because they look more professional than other bags, are easy on the wallet, and can be used as carry-on bags for most airlines.

I warn you, once you own one of these anti-theft bags, there’s no turning back! You’ll be addicted to your new life of convenience.

I for one love having a pack that makes going through the airport easier, plus the peace of mind I get knowing I don’t have to turn around every few minutes to check my zippers.

Happy travels everyone! I hope you enjoyed my review.

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