Top 5 Best Backpacks for Teachers • (2024 Review Guide)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to our guide to choosing the best backpack for teachers. Over the past year, we’ve reviewed a long and growing list of backpacks. Along the way, we’ve encountered some excellent choices for teachers who want to keep their possessions secure and well-organized.

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Since we specialize in anti-theft backpacks, the packs in our top 5 include a minimum number of anti-theft features. If you’re not familiar with anti-theft backpacks, they provide a lot more value beyond keeping your possessions safe. They also make life a lot more convenient and efficient.

Whether you teach pre-schoolers or high-school-level children, you’ll find the perfect bag for you in our chart below.

After our Top 5 chart, we share videos of the bags in action to give you a better idea of what to expect before you buy. We also included several tips to help you land on the perfect pack for you.

Backpack Highlights
#1 Best Backpack for Teachers (Men & Women)


#1 Tigernu Business Slim Backpack

tigernu business Best Backpack for Teachers Check Price at Amazon #ad

  • The Tigernu business backpack for teachers comes packed with useful features for an amazingly low price
  • The design is stylish enough to blend in while at school, yet more professional than typical student backpacks
  • More than enough internal organization, exterior pockets, and internal storage for multiple textbooks
  • Separate padded laptop compartment (vertical zipper is more convenient)
  • Water-resistant and easy-to-clean Oxford fabric
  • Sunglasses hook on the shoulder strap, hidden shoulder strap pocket to hold your bus card or credit card, and hidden rear pocket in the back panel
  • Kissing zippers in case you want to lock your bag with a luggage lock
Approved by Current Teachers


#2 Mancro Laptop Backpack

mancro business backpack for teachers and professors Check Price at Amazon #ad

  • The Mancro backpack is another excellent budget backpack for teachers
  • Sturdy materials, ample internal storage, exterior zipper pockets with internal organization, padded laptop sleeve, and an included set-your-own combination lock
  • Current teachers confirmed that it fits a laptop, grade book, teaching manuals, and student papers with ease
  • An external USB port for charging your phone and other USB accessories
  • Well-padded design for superior comfort
  • Water-resistant and durable materials
  • Perfect to use outside of the classroom as a carry-on bag or personal item backpack
  • Dimensions: 20″ Height x 12.2″ Width x 5.7″ Depth
Our #1 Pick for College Professors


#3 KROSER Laptop Backpack

Kroser best backpack for professors Check Price at Amazon #ad

  • Excellent support and even weight distribution for teachers and professors who want to avoid back soreness
  • A superb choice for college professors who desire a professional-looking and highly functional backpack
  • Available in two sizes: 15.6″ and 17.3″ to accommodate large laptops
  • Zippered side pockets expand to hold your water bottle
  • Easy-access front zipper pocket with internal organization
  • Water-resistant and sturdy materials
  • Sunglasses hook on the shoulder strap and external USB port
  • We love the extra-wide luggage strap on the back panel for hooking to a trolley or rolling suitcase
Best Value


#4 Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack

tzowla backpack for college professors and teachers Check Price at Amazon #ad

  • Built-in combination suitcase-style zipper lock to keep your valuables safe while in transit or away from your bag
  • Out of our top 5, we think the Tzowla laptop backpack gives you the most bang for your buck
  • Plenty of color options to choose from for both men and women. We recommend the floral patterns for women
  • An external USB port, external headphone port, hidden front panel pocket, large exterior front pocket with internal organization, separate tablet sleeve, and secure laptop sleeve
  • Wide shoulder straps for added comfort
  • Tall side water bottle pockets (perfect for holding S’well-style water bottles)
  • Dimensions: 20″ Height x 11.8″ Width x 5.5″ Depth
Best Anti-Theft Backpack for Teachers


#5 Kopack Lightweight Laptop Backpack

kopack Best Anti-Theft Backpack for Teachers Check Price at Amazon #ad

  • We love Kopack backpacks, and this is the best backpack in the Kopack collection for teachers
  • Despite being super lightweight, this bag has plenty of storage space and internal organization
  • A hidden zipper below the shoulder straps accesses the anti-theft laptop compartment in the back panel
  • Large exterior front pocket with internal organization
  • Dual-layer zippers to the main compartment, anti-puncture materials, hidden zipper to the front pocket, external USB port, and elastic side water bottle pocket
  • S-shaped shoulder straps and back support system
  • Available in two sizes: 15.6″ & 17″ for large laptops
  • The slim profile has a more professional appearance than bulkier student backpacks

What did you think of our Top 5 best backpacks for teachers and professors? If you’re still undecided, we highlight/explain several features in the brief buying guide below.

After the guide, be sure to check out the demonstration videos we found for the backpacks in our Top 5.

USB charging backpack: How does it work?

You may have noticed that the bags in our Top 5 include an external USB charging port for charging your phone and other USB devices without opening your bag. The USB port also allows you to charge your cell phone while in transit.

If you’ve never seen one before, you may be confused about how it works. The first thing I thought when I saw one was, How does it charge my phone? Is there a battery built into the bag?

Well, it doesn’t work that way. To make it work, the system requires a power bank. You store your power bank inside the backpack and connect it to the external USB port. Then, instead of removing the power bank from your bag to charge your phone, you simply plug your phone’s USB cable into the external USB port located on your backpack.

The Tzwola video below demonstrates how to use the USB charging port.

Why did we choose these backpacks as the best for teachers?

Here are the key features we looked for to choose these backpacks for you:

  • Ample internal organization
  • A slim professional profile
  • Lightweight and not too big on your back
  • Neutral colors that won’t draw attention or look unprofessional
  • Enough anti-theft features to give you extra peace of mind while commuting
  • Padded laptop and tablet sleeves
  • Even weight distribution and comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Side pockets to hold your water bottle
  • Price – We chose the backpacks that provide the most value for the money

Demonstration Videos

Mancro Laptop Backpack

KROSER Laptop Backpack

Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack

Kopack Lightweight Laptop Backpack

Final Thoughts

I’m confident that if you made it this far, you’ve already decided on one of our best backpacks for teachers. These are the best all-around bags for teachers and professors.

Over the past year, we’ve reviewed and investigated 100s of backpacks. We know what’s available and the best options for every scenario. The beauty of buying backpacks online in 2020 is they continue to become more affordable while offering more useful features.

Since the backpack environment is highly-competitive, companies are constantly working on ways to offer better features for lower prices. Take advantage of it!

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