Top 5 Best Motorcycle Chain Locks • (Ultimate 2024 Reviews)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to our new guide on the best chain locks for motorcycles. These locks are an amateur thief’s worst nightmare. Even a pro will think twice about messing with your bike once you add one of these colossal chain locks to your motorcycle security arsenal.

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We dug deeper than the next guy to uncover some unique options you may not have seen before. We don’t like to recommend anything that can’t stand up to even the sturdiest bolt cutters. The only way a thieve is breaking through one of these locks and chains is with an acetylene torch or Herculean grip.

Whether you live in the city or just want that extra peace of mind that comes with a heavy-duty chain lock for your bike, we’ve got you covered with our picks below.

Lock Highlights
#1 Vulcan Case-Hardened Security Chain and Lock (3/8″ x 6′)

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#1 Best Chain Lock for Motorcycle

  • Available in 5/16″ and 3/8″ thickness and up to 9′ long
  • Complete lock and chain set with 3 keys
  • Square-Shaped and case-hardened, this chain is virtually impossible to cut with bolt cutters unless you’re being robbed by Hercules himself. Even then, the bolt cutters will break before they put a dent in the Vulcan chain.
  • The solid forged brass one-piece body padlock gives thieves no exposed shackle to cut or grip
  • Electro-galvanized finish to protect against rust and corrosion (good-to-go for outdoor storage)
  • Chain enclosed in a Cordura wear pad to prevent any scratching
#2 ONGUARD Beast Chain Lock with X4 Padlock (14mm)

onguard chain lock for motorcycle Check Price at Amazon #ad

  • The name says it all, this lock and chain is an absolute BEAST!
  • Available in 43″ or 70″ lengths with 14mm (.55″) link diameter
  • 2/3″ hardened steel shackle
  • Boxer U-Lock ready to use alone as a disc lock
  • Includes 5 laser-cut keys: 1 micro-light and 4 with extra grip
  • Don’t underestimate this lock, it’s seriously heavy – not made for people with weak arms
  • Great to use in conjunction with Kryptonite U-Locks for ultimate security in high-crime areas
#3 ABUS Granit Extreme Plus (12mm)

abus granit best chain lock for motorcycle Check Price at Amazon #ad

  • 12mm hexagonal hardened steel links
  • 140cm (55″) length
  • Patented ABUS Power Link Technology creates a direct connection between lock and chain with no exposed shackle to cut
  • The ABUS Xplus Cylinder is virtually impossible to pick or break with brute force alone
  • Includes 2 keys (1 with LED light)
  • Full-coverage chain sleeve leaves no room for accidental scratching
#4 Trimax THEX5060 Combo Set (11mm)

MAX60 disc U-lock "T-HEX" maximum security chain Check Price at Amazon #ad

#1 Budget Chain Lock

  • 5′ chain with 11mm triple-heat-treated hexagonal links
  • Complete lock and chain set with 3 keys
  • Hardened solid steel lock
  • This lock and chain combo is rated to withstand over 6 tons of pull force and 11 tons of cutting force
  • Includes 3 Type-B wise wafer keys (1 key w/ mini flashlight)
  • Durable NYLOMEX sleeve prevents scratching
  • The most affordable combo set on our list
#5 Schlage Noose Security Chain (12mm)

schlage best chain lock for motorbike Check Price at Amazon #ad

  • Available in 39″ and 59″ (lock not included)
  • .5″ triple-heat-treated manganese steel links for ultimate protection against bolt cutter, saw, and chisel attacks
  • The convenient noose design gives you a ton of options when choosing where to lock your bike
  • Pairs well with Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 disc lock
  • Nylon chain sleeve protects against scratching


Are you still unsure which lock is for you? In this section, we’ll help you make your final decision by answering frequently asked questions about how to choose the best chain lock for a motorcycle.

How to Chain Lock a Motorcycle

One of the most common mistakes bike owners make when choosing a chain lock is choosing a chain that’s too short. It’s critical to remember that the chain must lock to the bike frame. A thieve can easily remove a back wheel, which defeats the purpose of investing in one of the diesel chain locks above.

The best way to choose the right length is to decide what you plan to lock your bike to at home and where you plan to lock it when you’re away from home. The chain locks above come in various sizes. We recommend choosing a chain that’s 55″ minimum.

Where to Lock a Motorcycle

A solid chain lock doesn’t make your bike invincible. There are plenty of photos of cut links floating around on the internet. Skilled thieves can cut through any chain on the market. There’s no way to get around it.

For this reason, it’s crucial to consider where you park your bike despite the strength of your lock. A well-lit area with people around is always a good idea.

Another good idea is to pair your chain lock with a motorcycle alarm or GPS system or both. This extra layer(s) of security goes a long way toward protecting your prized bike against theft.

Pairing the chain lock with additional U-locks is another option. The key takeaway is to remember that a chain lock is only part of a fully-functional motorcycle security system.

The more time it takes a thief to dismantle your security system the less chance he has of stealing your bike. In reality, all locks for every situation are there to buy time or deter amateur thieves.

Why is ABUS the best motorcycle chain lock?

We’re big fans of ABUS locks, particularly the ABUS Granit locks. ABUS uses tempered steel chains that require 2 cuts to break. For this reason, ABUS links are superior to inferior chain links that may break after a single cut.

To get a better idea of how well the ABUS Granit Extreme Plus lock will secure your bike, watch the demonstration video below:

Bottom Line

A high-security lock and chain combo is an essential part of an effective motorcycle security system. If you’re serious about protecting your bike against theft, you’ll combine one of the chain locks in our top 5 with additional motorcycle security devices.

The harder you make it for thieves the less likely they are to target your bike. One of the biggest mistakes new bike owners make is to buy a massive chain lock and stop there. Pro thieves have the tools to cut through any chain.

The piercing sound of a high-pitched motorcycle alarm draws instant attention to thieves, a GPS system tracks their movements in case of theft, and additional U-locks buy you extra time. When you combine these systems and choose the right parking spot, you get the ultimate peace of mind.

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