Top 5 Best Jewelry Safes for Home & Closets • (2024 Reviews)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Storing jewelry inside your home should be done with care. If you own diamonds, gold, expensive watches, coins, or other valuables, it’s important to choose the best jewelry safe for your needs. In this guide, I share five of the top jewelry safes that offer various storage options. Whether you prefer a wall safe between studs, a basic closet model, or something more heavy-duty, you’ll find your solution here.

Before we start, I want to share a couple of features to avoid when choosing a good jewelry safe for your home.

Features to Avoid

  1. Override key access with a tubular key. This type of cylinder is very easy to pick, which defeats the purpose of owning a safe. Any burglar with special tools or a BIC pen can pick this lock in seconds.
  2. Flimsy metal that’s easily bent or cut. Without sufficient protection against prying and other common attacks, a burglar can easily access the safe with enough force.
  3. Unreliable biometric fingerprint scanners that tend to open with incorrect fingerprints (this is a common issue)
  4. Weak mounting hardware or no pre-drilled holes for mounting

Next, you’ll find an overview of the five safes with all the key specs to consider. After the overview, we’ll take a closer look at each model in the reviews section.

Top 5 Jewelry Safes

Safe Description
#1) V-Line Heavy Duty Slide-Away Security Safe

  • Material: 12-Gauge Steel
  • Lock Type: Simplex Mechanical Push-Button Lock
  • External Dimensions: 4″ x 10″ x 13″ (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 2.6″ x 9.5″ x 10.75″ (HxWxD)
  • Warranty: 1-Year on Locks & Materials
  • Weight: 21 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Model: 10123-S FBLK
  • Price: $$$
#2) Viking Security Safe Biometric Hidden Wall Safe

  • Material: 5mm Steel Door, 3mm Steel Body
  • Lock Type: Biometric, Keypad, Override Cross Key
  • External Dimensions: 19″ x 14″ x 4″ (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 18.5″ x 13.5″ x 3.5″ (HxWxD)
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited
  • Weight: 38 lbs
  • Model: VS-52BLX
  • Price: $$
#3) Steelwater 2-Hour Fireproof and Burglary Safe

  • Material: Steel w/ Chrome-Plated Locking Bolts
  • Lock Type: Group II Combination Dial with Vision Guard
  • External Dimensions: 17 3/4″ x 20 1/8″ x 20 1/2″ (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 11 11/16″ x 14″ x 12 7/8″ (HxWxD)
  • Warranty: Lifetime Fire & Burglary Warranty, 1-Year Full Warranty
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Model: AMSWFB-450
  • Price: $$$$
#4) TIGERKING Security Home Safe

  • Material: Solid Steel w/ Four 1″ Solid Live-Locking Bolts
  • Lock Type: Digital Lock w/ Manual Override Key Access
  • External Dimensions: 17″ x 15.8″ x 13″ (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 15.5″ x 15″ x 10.5″ (HxWxD)
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Weight: 55 lbs
  • Model: BGX-D1-45JJD
  • Price: $$
#5) SentrySafe Digital Security Safe

  • Material: Solid Steel
  • Lock Type: Digital Keypad w/ Override Key Access
  • External Dimensions: 8.7″ x 13.8″ x 10.6″ (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions: 8.5″ x 13.6″ x 8.7″ (HxWxD)
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited
  • Weight: 14.2 lbs
  • Model: X055
  • Price: $

Best Jewelry Safe Reviews

Before making your final decision, it’s important to calculate or get a rough estimate of the value of the items you plan to store. Clearly, if you plan to store expensive jewelry, you want to choose a safe with higher security. Of the five models in this guide, the Steelwater safe offers the highest security while the SentrySafe offers the most basic security.

Below, I share reviews of each model to give you a clear idea of the most important features offered by each safe. Along with the features, you’ll find the pros & cons to consider to make your choice an easier one.

#1) V-Line Heavy Duty Slide-Away Security Safe (10123-S FBLK)

If I had to choose just one safe in this guide, this would be it. The first key advantage here is the Simplex locking system. With this safe, there’s no chance of a burglar picking the lock since the safe does not feature an override keyhole. Additionally, Simplex locks are easy to program, allow for quick access to your items, and there’s no need to rely on battery power.

The next most important advantage is the heavy-duty 12-gauge steel. Of the five models in this guide, you get the thickest steel by choosing this model. A couple more security features you’ll like are the anti-pry brackets and the standard quick-release mounting bracket. With the mounting bracket, you have the option to mount this safe at either the top or bottom.

All in all, with its heavy-duty construction, limited access methods, and versatile mounting options, this is an excellent high-security jewelry safe for installing inside a closet, beneath a desk, or anywhere else you like inside your home.


  • Made in the USA
  • California DOJ approved gun safe
  • No keyhole that’s prone to picking attacks
  • The heaviest steel of the models in this guide
  • Foam-lined interior to protect your valuables
  • Smooth-rolling drawer with 100 lb load rating
  • Ready for top or bottom mounting out of the box
  • Quicker access than a combination dial


  • Not fireproof
  • Not the roomiest option for the money
  • The optional trays must be purchased separately

#2) Viking Security Safe Biometric Hidden Wall Safe (VS-52BLX)

If you’re in the market for a jewelry wall safe that installs between studs, the VS-52BLX model by Viking is currently one of the best available. Of the models in this guide, the VS-52BLX is the most feature-rich of the bunch. In total, there are three access methods with the option to program the biometric fingerprint reader for the quickest access. Along with biometric access, you also have the option to program your own code via the safe’s non-volatile memory or use the override cross keys.

As far as fingerprint storage, you have enough space for 32 fingerprints which is more than enough slots for you and your loved one or additional family members. For the most reliable fingerprint access, you may want to store the finger you plan to use the most multiple times.

Outside of security, one of the features that make this model one of the best jewelry safes is its interior. There are internal key hooks to hang jewelry, 3 fully adjustable shelves, an interior LED light, and a fully carpeted interior. Lastly, keep in mind, this safe is made to install between 16″ on center 2×4 studs.


  • Quick & reliable biometric fingerprint access
  • Excellent internal organization
  • Multiple access methods to ensure you never get locked out
  • Viking’s 4-prong cross keys are more secure than tubular keys
  • Upgraded 500 DPI Optical Sensor w/ option to store up to 32 prints
  • Easy installation with 16″ on-center studs
  • More heavy-duty than competing models


  • Designed in the USA, made in China
  • 1 PIN code
  • The locking bolts aren’t as heavy-duty as other models in this guide, and the bolt housing eats up internal space
  • Not fireproof (Check our list of best fireproof wall safes for alternative options)

#3) Steelwater 2-Hour Fireproof and Burglary Safe (AMSWFB-450)

Steelwater’s AMSWFB-450 safe is the heaviest model in this guide and the only model that’s fireproof. According to Steelwater, model AMSWFB-450 holds a 2-hour fire rating at 1850°F. This is one of the best ratings you’ll find in this price range. In addition to being fireproof, this model also gives you the highest level of anti-theft protection.

Key security features include two 1 1/4″ chrome-plated active locking bolts, a glass re-locker for protection against drilling attacks, two diesel external hinges, and a bolt detent mechanism to automatically lock the door upon closing. Also, like the V-Line safe, there are no electronic components featured on this safe to worry about failing. Plus, there’s no keyhole for robbers to pick.

A couple of drawbacks to this safe are the bare interior with no carpeting included, and the combination dial offers slower access than biometric or Simplex locks. Additionally, there’s the need to account for the sheer weight of the safe upon delivery. Considering it weighs 235 lbs, it’s wise to plan a space for it and have everything ready upon arrival.


  • 2-Hour Fireproof Rating
  • The highest level of protection against drilling attacks of the models in this guide
  • No keyhole prone to picking
  • Heavy-duty 1 1/4″ chrome-plated locking bolts
  • The door swivels a full 180º for easy access
  • 1/2″ pre-drilled anchor hole for easier installation
  • 1.22 cu ft of internal storage space


  • The steel used to build the walls could be thicker
  • No interior carpeting
  • Slower access

#4) TIGERKING Security Home Safe (BGX-D1-45JJD)

Currently, there are two models of this safe available with 1.4 and 2.05 cu ft of storage. Model BGX-D1-45JJD offers 1.4 cu ft of storage with two removable shelves to customize the interior to your liking. Of the models in this guide, this one is the classiest of the bunch if appearance is important to you.

A unique feature you might like is the option to choose between two security modes. Standard Security Mode allows you to quickly access the safe by entering your programmed code, while Maximum Security Mode requires a combination of the included key and your code to open the safe. This is a nice feature for use while you’re away from home or on vacation.

One key difference to note between this safe and the others is the mounting configuration. Unlike the other models, this safe features four pre-drilled holes in the back of the safe. Be sure to take this into consideration if you prefer to mount your safe to the floor.


  • An integrated audible alarm system that activates after violent vibration or three failed entry attempts
  • An interior LED light for clear nighttime access
  • Four 1″ locking bolts for ample protection against pry attacks
  • Optional Maximum Security Mode that requires your key and code
  • Enough room for jewelry, important documents, and handguns
  • Fabric interior to protect your valuables


  • No pre-drilled mounting holes in the base
  • Made in China
  • No fireproofing

#5) SentrySafe Digital Security Safe (X055)

For folks who desire a cheap jewelry safe that gets the job done, SentrySafe’s X055 is an excellent budget option. Compared to other safes in this price range, Sentry’s X055 does not use tubular keys, and the keyhole is covered for an added layer of security. Currently, this style of safe is available in sizes from .1 cu ft up to 1.2 cu ft.

Several security features that make this model a good choice for home use are the two live-locking bolts, concealed door hinges, an included bolt-down kit for easy mounting, and reliable digital keypad access. Similar to the V-Line safe, this one is easy to mount inside a closet to shelving or anywhere else you desire. The one downside is that it’s made for bottom-mounting only, while the V-Line model allows for top mounting without modification.

A couple of final highlights are the carpeted interior, steel construction, and this safe is CA DOJ Certified for firearm storage. All things considered, if you’re not storing expensive jewelry, this is a good budget jewelry safe that gets the job done.


  • Concealed keyhole and no tubular keys to worry about
  • Pry-resistant steel door
  • Carpeted interior to prevent scratching your jewelry and watches
  • Concealed hinges for protection against forced entry
  • Excellent value for the money (considerably cheaper than the other four safes in this guide)
  • More than enough sizes to choose from
  • Quick digital keypad access


  • The thinnest steel of the models in this guide (keep in mind, it weighs just 14 lbs)
  • It beeps when opening if you’re concerned about stealth access
  • No interior shelf

Bottom Line

To sum things up, when choosing the best jewelry safe for your home, always be sure to consider how much your jewelry is worth. The last thing you want to do is choose a safe with minimal security for expensive jewelry because, in the event of a burglary, a skilled thief will easily crack a cheap safe.

To give you an idea of how easy it is to pick a tubular lock, watch the video below:

For this reason, none of the safes in this guide feature override access with a tubular key. If you decide to choose a jewelry safe not included in this guide, be sure to check whether the override key is tubular.

One final tip involves choosing between a fireproof safe and a safe without fireproofing. If you want to avoid a fireproof safe because of its thicker walls, it’s a good idea to consider investing in a fireproof document bag to store your most precious jewelry. Click here #ad for a reliable fireproof bag available at Amazon.

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