8 Best Portable Door Locks (2024 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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On the hunt for the best portable door locks? Of course, you are, or you wouldn’t be here right now. Well, I’ve got good news, you’re in the right place. My name is Chuck, and I’ve been traveling the world for the past five years. In that time span, I’ve learned how to secure my valuables and my room.

In this article, you’ll learn about all the best portable door locks for securing your Airbnb rental, hotel room, or apartment doors. You can also use these locks to secure interior doors if you live with roommates and want that extra layer of security on your bedroom door.

The coolest part is you can lock a lockless door with a portable door lock.

Let’s get rolling with #1.

#1) Addalock “The Original Portable Door Lock” Review

The Addalock is easily one of the best portable door locks on the market. I mentioned it in one of my previous apartment security articles and decided to include it here as well.

What makes the Addalock so great is how easy it is to install and its versatility. Bring this lightweight lock with your anywhere.

It’s also strong enough to use inside your apartment on your front door. A lot of us are reluctant to install our own locks in our apartments because we don’t want the landlord to keep our deposits or complain about modifications. Well, the Addalock requires no tools or modifications to install.

The video below shows you exactly how easy it is to install and use the Addalock:

#2) Travelers Security Lock Review

The Travelers Security Lock is similar to the Addalock, but even more of a beast. It too is lightweight and easy to bring with you anywhere.

It’s perfect for using inside an Airbnb rental or other short-term rentals. You can also use it on your apartment’s front door or bedroom door.

The Travelers Security Lock requires no tools to install. The only thing you need to do is make sure there’s enough space between the door and door jamb to slip the handle of the Travelers Lock into.

This lock also comes with a zippered carry case. For those of you who are concerned about weight, the lock weighs 9.5 oz.

What I like most about this lock is that it removes any play in the door. Once you tighten the lock on both sides, it’s almost impossible for someone to break through the door using brute force alone.

Check out the video demonstration below:

#3) Calslock Portable Door & Travel Lock Review

The Calslock portable lock has a similar design to the Addalock, and it’s super lightweight. For those of you who are concerned about weight, especially with how strict airlines are these days, this is the lock for you.

This lock can secure a door without a lock or a door with an existing lock. If your ex has a key to your apartment, this lock will keep him or her out even if he or she opens the door with the key.

The Calslock is also great for hostels, dorms, and anywhere else where multiple keys may have been issued in the past.

Calslock does warn users to consider all scenarios before installing this lock on the door. In other words, be 100% sure you want to install this lock before you put it on the door in case of emergency.

#4) Port A Lock Latch Protector Review

The Port A Lock is another solid portable door lock that is best to use in apartments as a temporary lock. It gives you the option to screw it in using two screws, or you can install it with no screws.

If you choose to install it without the screws in your Airbnb rental or hotel, you install it much the same way as the Addalock above. The Port A Lock is also amazingly lightweight and will take up almost no room in your baggage since it’s mostly flat.

Of all the locks I’ve listed so far, the Port A Lock is the flattest and most lightweight.

#5) Buddybar Door Jammer Review

The Buddybar is the ultimate door jammer. It can handle up to 2,560 lbs of force! This door jammer is better for people living in apartments or traveling by car since it’s not a great idea to fly with it.

The Buddybar works on almost all surfaces including carpet, tile, concrete, or wood. Just don’t put it on a throw rug and expect it to stay in place.

#6) SABRE Wedge Door Stop w/ Security Alarm Review

The SABRE door stop isn’t technically a lock, but it will stop your door if anyone tries to break in. And oh yeah, it comes equipped with an ear-piercing 120 dB siren.

If the alarm does happen to get triggered, you’ll instantly wake up, and the person trying to break in will be running for the hills by the time you get out of bed. The beauty of this portable door stop alarm is that it makes a silent intrusion almost impossible.

It also requires no tools to install and can be placed behind any door including a bedroom door.

#7) Secure Portable Door Safety Lock Review

Last but not least is the Secure Portable Door Lock. At this point, you’ve probably learned that most portable door locks have a similar design. What I like about this particular lock is that it’s ultra-lightweight. It also comes with a carrying pouch.

One woman confirmed that this lock is great for frequent travelers. She and her husband ran a test with the door unlocked, and her husband couldn’t get through the door.

If you’re like them and often rent through Airbnb, this lock is perfect for you. After all, you never know who might have made a copy of the keys before you arrived.

#8) Bonus Travel Door Alarm w/ LED Flashlight

I couldn’t help but toss this fun gadget at the end of the list. This travel alarm is easy to install, lightweight, and will definitely get the job done in an emergency situation.

You can use this alarm in conjunction with any of the locks listed above for an added layer of security. The 91 dB alarm isn’t quite as ear-piercing as the door stop above, but it’ll definitely wake up everyone in the vicinity and scare any intruder(s).

Final Word

Now you know all the best portable door locks to use when you travel. Feel free to use any of these locks inside your next Airbnb rental, hotel, or even inside your apartment as a permanent lock.

The greatest advantage of all these locks is they require no tools to install. Take them with you anywhere to add that extra layer of security that’ll help you sleep better at night.

If you’re a frequent traveler like me, the Addalock is best or several of the other locks that are super lightweight.

You may also want to consider using one of these locks inside a private room at a hostel. Check out my article on best locks for hostels to get more ideas to keep your belongings secure while on the road.

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