How to Lock a Hotel Door from the Inside (Updated 2024 Guide)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Whether you’re a business traveler, frequent traveler, backpacker, or first-timer, knowing how to lock a hotel door from the inside is serious business. There’s more to it than simply locking your deadbolt or flipping a latch.

You can never be 100% sure that no one has access to your room. The best way to add your own layer of security that only you control is by investing in an inexpensive travel lock.

The best travel locks are lightweight, require no tools, and install/uninstall in under 60 seconds.

Aside from portable travel locks, there are door jammers, wedges, and portable door alarms that you can take with you on the road to secure your hotel room door.

Since the subject of this article is how to lock a hotel door from the inside, let’s first focus on the best portable door locks and how to use them.

The Addalock Portable Door Lock

The most popular and reliable portable door lock currently on the market is the Addalock. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, and can go with you anywhere.

The beauty of this lock is it’s lightweight enough for air travel and international travel.

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What’s great about the Addalock is that it’s compatible with almost any door.

The two most important factors are 1.) the space between the door and the door frame and 2.) if the door opens toward you. If there isn’t enough space between the door and frame, you won’t be able to install the Addalock. It also only works while you’re inside your room.

Check out the instructional video below to get a better idea of how to use the Addalock:

See how easy it is to install this lock in under 60 seconds?

The Addalock works in hotels around the world, however, there’s no guarantee that’ll work in 100% of hotels.

There are several more portable door locks available that are very similar to the Addalock.

You can view my article dedicated to the best portable door locks to see if you prefer a different lock.

The Addalock also works well when renting through Airbnb or other vacation rentals. Plus, you can use it at home as an extra layer of security on your front door, or if you have roommates, on your bedroom door.

It’s even possible to use the Addalock to keep out nosy landlords or unwanted guests.

When it comes to securing your hotel room door from the inside with a portable lock, it’s hard to find something better than the Addalock.

Door Jammers

Another option for locking your hotel door from the inside is a door jammer. There are several options that range in price.

One of the more premium door jammers that’s rated to withstand 2,560 lbs of force is the BuddyBar #ad.

This beast of a door jammer can hold even the strongest people at bay as long as the door is strong enough to hold them back as well.

Since the BuddyBar is fairly heavy at roughly 8 lbs, it’s not as portable as the Addalock. However, it provides a higher level of security.

If you travel by car for work or other reasons and stay in hotels along the way, the BuddyBar is a great option for securing your hotel room door.

It works on carpet, tile, concrete, wood, and other surfaces without slipping.

A second, more affordable option is the DoorJammer portable door lock.

The difference between the DoorJammer and the BuddyBar is the DoorJammer has a plate that slides beneath your door instead of connecting at the doorknob.
If you prefer using a door jammer over the Addalock, the DoorJammer is more lightweight than the BuddyBar and can fit in your carry-on bag.

Be sure to check the airline carry-on weight limits to avoid paying extra fees. I know some budget airlines such as Spirit are very strict when it comes to baggage size and weight.

Wedge Door Stops

A third option for locking your hotel door from the inside is a door wedge.

These are less secure than the Addalock or a door jammer, so I suggest choosing a wedge with a built-in alarm.

The SABRE Wedge Door Stop is a solid option that comes with a built-in 120 dB siren. If a burglar or any other intruder triggers this alarm, everyone on your floor will undoubtedly hear it.

You’ll also immediately wake up because 120 dB is no joke. SABRE claims the sound is audible from up to 1,000 feet away.

The best part is how inexpensive this wedge stop is.

It requires one 9V battery to operate and has a low-battery status indicator.

There’s also a non-skid pad to ensure the intruder can’t open the door when the alarm sounds. In a way, this wedge door stop is the best of both worlds since it has an alarm, and it locks your door from the inside.

In my opinion, this is the second-best option after Addalock. Also, you can use the Addalock with the wedge door stop and even a door jammer for ultimate security.

Bonus Hotel Safety Tips

Locking your door is only part of the process. The best way to protect against robbery or a break-in is to avoid unwanted attention in the first place.

Here are a few tips to get you in the proper mindset:

  • Don’t leave expensive gadgets, clothing, jewelry, or anything of value laying out where hotel staff or anyone else can see it.
  • When you check-in, put your expensive jewelry and other valuables inside your bags and out of sight.
  • Do your best to stay on higher floors since they’re less exposed to outsiders.
  • The most important tip, though, don’t be so paranoid that you ruin a potentially good time. Common sense is the key here, not paranoia.

Final Word

Now you know exactly how to lock a hotel door from the inside next time you travel.

I bet you’ll sleep like a baby with that extra peace of mind you get of knowing no one is getting through your door.

The reasons I listed the Addalock first are its portability, effectiveness, and ease of use.

Safe travels, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

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